Friday, April 29, 2005


One of the things I really cannot stand is hypocrisy. I mean there are many other things, like injustice, being unreasonable, arrogance, backstabbing, people who try to squeeze onto the MRT when others are trying to get out... But hypocrisy really just irks me. I really hate it when people can say one thing, and then 5 minutes later, do something that contradicts what they just said. Like when they say one thing in order to please someone, and then after that guy leaves and another guy comes, you tell him the exact opposite, just to stay in their good books.

And you know what's the worst thing about it, why I hate it so much? It's cos I'm guilty of it too. Bummer...

Anyway, on to brighter things, today is more or less the start of my clearing leave period. I'm in an ORD mood, and this time it's real, not like that time last December when I had to clear some of my excess leave.

Another thing that struck me, was when I was in the bus on the way home, near Cactus Road. I had a half day off today, and I was thinking how great it was to be able to escape from the drudgery that was life in the military, when I saw a military 5 tonner coming down on the opposite side of the road. I saw a flash of yellow on the side of the cab door, and in just the split second it took for the tonner and the bus to pass, I registered the ITC logo emblazoned on the door, and I managed to identify the driver as LCP Rashad, one of my boys. And it made me realize that although I was certainly not fond of army, I realized that I actually cared alot for the vehicles and men that were put under my command. And although I was kind of elated about having finally gotten away from the SAF, that single near instantaneous scene tempered the euphoria with a burst of reminiscence, of all the 30 odd men in my platoon, of all the support they've given to me... No one can ever feel totally happy when leaving the army. There will always be a part that gets left behind with all the memories.


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