Sunday, March 26, 2006


Recently there was the case of the Afghan convert to Christianity who was on trial in Afghanistan. And well, for me, that was the first time I came so directly into contact with persecution of Christians. I mean, I've heard of cases in the past, like in the Roman Empire, or behind the Iron Curtain, but that was in the past, and this was really quite a shocker to me that such persecution could still take place.

And I must really commend this man. He is one who was really ready to take up the cross of Christ. He would've died a martyr. As it is, I think the latest news is that the Afghan court is bowing to foreign pressure, and will be dropping the case against him. But even then, he has already made a statement of his faith that speaks louder than words could ever hope to do.

And if by his actions, he manages to strengthen the faith of others, and make other people think of the sincerity of their professed faith, then I feel that he has managed to do God's work very well here on earth already.

It really made me wonder. Is my faith going to be as strong as his when I'm facing death? I am ashamed to say that when I saw the way he could have escaped the death sentence, by renouncing Christianity, and embracing Islam, I actually immediately thought that he should take that path. And it really showed me how world-like my mindset could become. And that truly frightened me.

I hope that he will remain a rally point for us. That we'll remain true to Christ who died for us 2000 years ago, so that even if are facing death, we'll remember first, that Christ had already paid our price with His life, and second, that our life here on earth is nothing compared to what awaits us after death.

Keep the faith, my brothers.


maicie said...

i was very peeved that they actually suggested that he might be mentally ill and to go for a mental health checkup. WHAT! so being a christian means u must not be in the right mind??? GRRR.

creature comfort said...

evangelical christians like 2 speak of faith under will we giv Christ up if we r to be sentenced to death for our faith..but we often forget dat even if we let Christ go, does He neccessarily let us go?? new age thinkin u say? wat about Peter's denial of Christ? 3 times not once mind u..was Christ lettin him go??not so easy 2 run away from e lover of our souls.."all u have given mi i have kept, except the son of perdition(Judas)"..divine appointment..