Sunday, October 14, 2007


So just the other day (I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday), I was sitting at the edge of the Deck (hur hur) trying to do some readings or what not. (If it was Tuesday, I was trying my best to finish off my essay [which incidentally, was due the next day] while still trying to maintain my unflappable exterior. Thanks to God, I actually managed to do both)

So yeah, I was sitting there, when suddenly H bounces up to me, and says:

H: Hey! What you doing?
Me: Pre-modern Japan essay.
H: Oh! That's the one I'm not doing anymore.
Me: Yeah, that's the one where you abandoned me.
H: Eh sorry lah...
Me: Heh
H: Anyway, I got a joke to say to you
Me: Erm, ok
H: What do you do if someone throws a chicken at you?
Me: Eh?
H: Come on come on...
Me: (After thinking for a while to see what's the sort of joke-ish answer she wanted) Er, you duck?
H: (Wrinkles her nose at me) Eh, you heard it before ar?
Me: No, I just made a wild guess.
H: So what happens if I ask someone, but they don't know the answer?
Me: Is this some more joke?
H: Yes, quick answer.
Me: (trying to act nonchalant) Aiya don't know lah
H: (trying to suppress her smile at getting one up on me) You suan (swan) the person!

This was when G, who was sitting nearby decided to chime in

G: Haiya, H, can you stop acting like a silly goose?
H: Oei what
Me: Yeah. Stop making such foul (fowl) jokes.

That totally cracked H up. Sometimes, I amaze myself.

Naturally, all this talk about birds also reminded me of a certain friend of mine who once mixed up the names of a small Australian parrot and a fried potato patty. J, if you're reading this, EAT A TAO SA PAU!

On another note, just on Friday, I heard this exchange in my Religion class between D and M.

D:(some talk which I didn't hear)
M: (some talk which I didn't hear either)
D: But Dong{1} is north!
M: No, Dong{1} is east!
D: No! Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3}, North south east west! (points at the four cardinal points)
M: No, Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a different order)
D: No! Hey! (calls friend) Back me up here. It's Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a NSEW manner) right?
D's friend: Erm, I think so
M: No what, it's Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a ESWN manner)
Me: D, Dong{1} is east. Why do you think Tokyo is called Dong{1}jing{1} in Chinese?

So anyway, this argument goes on and on, until finally, I say

Me: Aiya, Dong{1} is east lah. Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (I point at the cardinal points in a ESWN manner) Chinese and Western style is different. Don't believe me, can ask O. His Chinese is better than mine.
O: (Doesn't say anything, but his slow grin makes D realize that M and me may have been right after all) (Btw, O is Australian. Like angmoh)
D: Really ar?
M: Wah, this is the first time I heard an AC boy (referring to himself, not me. I'm not AC. *shudder*) is better in Chinese than an RV girl


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Anonymous said...

a minion informed me about my embarrassment of being upstaged by an angmoh AND an AC boy in angmoh i still can accept la, but an AC boy! Good grief, what, in the name of puff the magic dragon, is this world coming to?