Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Gah... I don't know how it happened, but the cable on my laptop charger was burned through. Bother it all. Like the insulation is melted and I think the wires are touching each other and so they don't allow current to flow or voltage to pass through or whatever. I mean, I don't know. Ask the Physics experts.

So because I didn't know, I continued using my laptop, and there's not much battery left. I mean, if the battery was dying (like it had been), then I can still charge the laptop itself, even if the battery is not inside. But now I can't even do that. Bleah.

And even though both my brother and dad use Macintosh laptops too, their's are the new generation ones, so they use a different sort of charger. So I can't borrow from them either! Crap.

Anyway, I will upload some pictures of recent happenings soon, as soon as I get my laptop charger fixed. Hope the Apple iCare thing is still valid, and will be valid for burnt laptop charger cables. Haha. Cos my photos are all on my laptop.

Went LAN with brother, F and G today. Not sure how we did it, but we got down by about 10.30, and played till evening. With breaks of course. Then went to see PX play volleyball, and V joined us. Ended up coming home and watching more volleyball (Olympics) where Japan beat Venezuela in straight sets (replay).

Oh and in line with the title, I recall this incident that happened not too long ago in church:

Random church person: Hey Fr! So dark, from soccer is it?
Fr: Yeah. I got porched.
RCP: ?!?

Probably an amalgation of torched and poached, and maybe parched. I don't know.

JMT dinner yesterday will be talked about, as mentioned earlier, when my laptop is back up and running. So WT, don't complain if nothing gets posted up for a while.


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