Monday, September 22, 2008


I started work 3 weeks ago on the 1st of September.

I went for two days of training, then reported to the Sports desk to do work.

And I thought I had reached a major milestone last Sunday when I sort of started work at 11, and ended at 10.45. I was joking with one of the editors that it would be my first 12-hour work day.

Hard to imagine that exactly one week later, I did manage to clock my first 12-work day. I worked from 11.45 Sunday morning to 12.20 Monday morning. Ooooh.

And I would probably talk about how it's like working, but I'm zoning out in the feeling-tired-but-not-feeling-sleepy sort of way. I'm sure if I go and lie down on my bed, I will be able to fall asleep. But I'm not on my bed now, and I'm actively typing something so I am not that zoned. Not that that will always work. I can fall asleep at my computer. Just not now.

On an aside note, I have been thinking about Japan a bit more now. I don't know why.

Oooh Japan....

I really should spend time to post up those JMT dinner photos, but I'm starting to feel tired now.


P.S. The wonderful thing about blogging is that unlike when I'm writing articles, I can use all the contractions I want. So I'll use words like I'm, and I'll, and you'll, and can't, and shouldn't, and it's, and we're, and....

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