Monday, March 07, 2011

Prayer Stuff #16

Today, at OMF prayer, I had a somewhat odd conversation.

Mrs. T: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Mrs. T: Um.. you are...?
Me: Er.. Daniel..
Mrs. T: Oh, Daniel... Wong?
Me: *nods* yeah
Mrs. T: OH! You cut your hair!
Me: Er... yeaahh...

Anyway, on to prayer stuff.
  • Today, at Urawa English Group, I was talking with Miki about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. And I couldn't help but feel that she is seeking to really learn about God, and that she is almost at a kind of tipping point. Would appreciate prayers for her in that regard (also the other ladies there).
  • There has been some changes with regard to the future of the Shinjuku HC on Saturday. No concrete ideas yet, but some of the people who have been expected to leave are not really leaving, and there are some people who are suddenly appearing. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Paul, the short-termer staying with me, will be leaving for Aomori on the 14th. Pray that he'll have a safe journey up, and that he'll have a good time of ministry and stuff up there.
  • There's E-moms next Thursday (17th) too. Pray once again, for a good time of discussion and understanding there.
  • Pray also for Mr. Tsujimoto, from Steve's Hana-Koganei HC. He has been reassigned by his company to the Miami office, and will have to move there with his family in May. While it's not too bad for him, it will be a bit harder on his wife and kids.
Ok that's about it.

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Teck Tee said...

Will be praying! Exams start today, end on the 28th :) Hope to catch up with you sometime in Tokyo!