Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I was kinda in a bit of a funk this evening, feeling sort of depressed. I don't know why. But I was feeling really down. You know that sort of sian feeling that comes along every now and then.

So anyway, I was sorta in a bummed state on the bus home when I heard "I Belong to You" by the Hillsongs on the iPod. It's this really old song from like the "Shadow of Your Wings" album, but as I heard it, it was like I started to feel a little better, cos it kinda spoke to me about how I was His, and while the song was more about how we should have like eternal love for God, it implicitly said that God would not let me down.

Now, just to set what happened next in perspective, earlier on at the Green Tables, T asked me to play for her tomorrow for the Morning Prayer. And she wanted to do the two "In Christ Alone" songs. And as I was stewing in my funk on the way home on the bus, I was just thinking to God how nice it would be if my iPod would like play the "In Christ Alone" song (I only have one version, the newer one) before I would get off the bus. The thought lasted for about 5 seconds before it became 'to play the song before I got home' for another 5 seconds. Then it really quickly became 'let's not put God to the test', since I'm liable to get zapped from heaven or something. But somehow, it just felt different. I don't know why, but you know how sometimes you ask God to show you something, but it doesn't feel right? This time, I didn't get the bad vibes that usually accompany this sort of thought.

And about two stops before I got off, my iPod started playing that familiar drumbeat intro to 'In Christ Alone'. I swear I didn't pre-set it or anything, and the shuffle function was on. But it did start playing.

Which brings to mind this other incident that happened a while ago during LTP. During that session, we were all supposed to form up into our CGs, and discuss some aspects of our walk with God. And one thing that was quickly apparent was that across the board, God's answering of prayers was consistently 7 and above (out of 10), even while most of the 'I have been doing regular QT' levels were somewhere around 3.

And it only goes to show that God really is faithful.



[wins]* said...

wow. tt's cool! God's so cool sometimes, He gets scary isn't it? But it's nice to have answered prayers like this even though they come as a shock!

Anonymous said...

well, i just heard the 2 "in Christ alone" too. haha. i like the songs.