Saturday, October 21, 2006


Been kinda swamped with work these past few weeks... And it's only thanks to God that I'm still not too stressed out heh. I mean, cos when the whole weight of all my assignments and readings and projects and stuff all come down, it can be pretty scary, but well, just commit it to God, and let Him handle it. Yeah. I mean, I'll still do it lah, just that I don't need to pressure myself to death with stomach ulcers or anything..

Yeah anyway, some things of note, is that the green tables have officially been replaced by the SMC as the CF hang out place. Everyone's mugging now. OK, everyone started mugging long ago, but yeah.

And M and D, I have also reached the next level of muggering; Remember how I had once said that I had reached a new level when I heard the library closing song during the exam studying week? Well, I have managed to hear the library closing song... on a normal school day. And during the mid-sem break I came back to study. I mean, how mugger is that?

Oh well. I shall be nice to MS and not write out here what she told me on Thursday night. Haha. You can see it on her blog if you really want anyway, under the comments of one of the posts.

OK. Essay due on Monday, reviews due the following week, more essays after that, and SM3 camp to plan...それはちょっと大変ね.... And I went into one of my M3 (Momentary Moment of Madness) back on Wednesday, when I wrote Japanese into my church homework paper.... haha... Getting kinda wonky.... But thanks to A and J, who tried to make me feel better the previous Wed when I was in a really bummed mood.

Oh, and since we are called to be salt and light on the campus, remember how C always says we can be 'lightly salted'? I got a new one! We can be sodium lights! Since light is light and sodium is part of sodium chloride.. which is salt... OK ok, bad joke...

Work work.

God save the queen? God save me! hahahahahahaahahaha



chilipino said...

yeah come join the club man haha - i've reached an even higher level over here - i never hear the closing song in the library here cos there isn't one since it's open 24 hours (but of course i've never pulled an all-nighter but 1am's pretty good...)
anyways, am pretty sure that i'll be hanging out quite a bit at the new joint this upcoming sem...

Anonymous said...

i've never EVER heard the library closing song. not during swot vac, not during a normal school day, and definitely not during the midsembreak! David Jeremiah Darryl Tan Wei Ming! (i can't remember the exact nonsense name...) here i don't go to the library, the library goes home with me! cuz we can borrow up to 35books for a month. waha waha wahahahaha. a hop and a skip and a shimmyshimmy!

emily said...

there's a closing song at pearson too. but sadly, closing doesn't really mean closing.

ya know, i actually been looking for ur blog. why? was hoping it'll bring forth some sort of intellectual stimulation. there, i just said it. daniel - intellectual stimulation. so i'm gonna link u soon.

take care (: