Saturday, November 25, 2006


You know you're really bored when you can be sitting in the media viewing room, and supposed to be studying for exams, and you are taking photos of the world outside, and thinking how much the scene looks like something out of Australia or USA.

But the weather's been really good all this while, and it's pretty regular, like clear blues skies in the morning, till early afternoon, and then the storm clouds form, and then it rains...

Another sign you're really bored is when you can come up with something like this:

It breaks
Peeking up
Over the tops
Of trees and houses
Casting its amber glow
Upon the diamond dewdrops
Lighting the mist with slanted rays
Feeling the changes upon my skin
From the cool of night to the warmth of day
Hearing birds sing out their morning song
Lifting their voices to their Lord
And as the early breeze comes
Carrying with it hints
Of the day to be
I've found what I
Want to find
I've found


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

concrete poetry is pwetty!
but uh i think aussieland dont have so many dangly ferns ah...only got eucalpytus which koalas get high on and kamikaze dandelions who float and aim straight for your eyeballs. its hay fever season time. *chirps*