Saturday, December 23, 2006


So once again, my crazy literary persona took over during the last day of the Telunas camp, when we were supposed to be writing our reflections, and so, instead of that half page report I was supposed to give PJ, I ended up with this, which for one, does not do justice to the situation that night (since it is really a combination of both nights), and which ended up with me having to rush that half page report on the trip back to Singapore. Oh well.

They gathered there that night to pray,
To praise and thank Him for the days
Just gone past, of rest and play
Upon the quiet sea.

So their voices gently rose,
Flowing out, across the cove
In gratitude for His mercies shown
Upon the quiet sea.

In the distance lightning flashed,
Lighting the clouds up to the west
Yet the sound of thunder did not crash
Upon the quiet sea.

Still the songs rose from the deck
Thanking the Lord for needs not lacked
And suddenly the clouds rolled back,
Revealing a sight to see.

So they looked up, to their delight
They saw the stars, burning in the night
A field of black with points of white
Above the quiet sea.

And their praises rose to God above
As once again they felt His love
Coming down, they did observe,
Upon the quiet sea.

For the marvellous sight, and fresh cold air
Reminded them of the One who cares
Who listens to, and answers prayers
Upon the quiet sea.

Yup yup. So as we go about this Christmas, please let us all remember that it's not about Santa, or snow, or presents, or even giving, or being with friends, or finding romance under the mistletoe. We must remember that it is all about God sending Jesus to us to redeem us from our sins.


"We thank you Lord for sending Your Son,
God of love, sending Heaven's Bright Sun
To save us from sin, He did come,
To pay at Calvary."


Anonymous said...

Hey...Nicely written...let me recall how the two nights there look like on the jetty=)


purplecross said...

this is a beautiful poem daniel:)

creature comfort said...

poetry uplifts e soul..especialli when its 2 Einstein said 2 Wagner after a concert,"2nite, u hav allowed mi 2 belief that God created e universe all over again"....