Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If there has been one constant in my life so far, it is that every year, without fail, NUS gives me a birthday present in the form of an exam paper. For the past two years, it was Japanese. Today, I got a history paper. Thank you NUS.

I also received a birthday (cup)cake from the VCF+A people from my history class. And got a card from D. My (cup)cake did not have a candle, but it did have a lighter. Which is something at least. Thanks

Also got many sms-es. So nice. One of the best ones was from J. She wrote like an essay or something. Probably had to pay for 3 sms-es. And SK's one about having a bathday was pretty cool too. haha.

So now I'm at 3/4+1 papers. Have just got to prep for Asian-American History on Saturday (they should like give me an A because of heritage) and JLPT on Sunday, which I have yet to study. Tough.

During two of the past 3 tests, however, I must tell of how God provided for me. Like on my test on Monday at Eusoff Hall, I was pretty nervous before it. I mean, that's quite unlike me, since usually I'm not nervous, or at least, I am able to hide the emotion so well that I can't feel it. But I was nervous while going for my Pre-modern Japan test. Despite my sudden attack of anxiousness, I actually managed to get quite a lot to write. Whether the answers will be correct is besides the point: I think God gave me a hand.

And for today's Religion paper, somewhere between question 2 and 3, I started to feel really sleepy. And I almost started kooning. But I distinctly heard some on say my name, like "Hey 'niel" or something like that, which is what my dad calls me sometimes. And I stayed awake for the rest of the paper. Like wow.

Ok. that's about it. Just that yesterday was F's birthday, tmr will be E and R, and day after will be W. So many in so few. Oh, and happy birthday K! (He has the same birthday as me, though he claims he's born earlier because of time zone differences).

On a side note, the Bucks are like 7-5. Unfortunately, this was after they just lost to the 76ers. Still, it's pretty good for a team that would've been the bottom of the NBA last season if the Celtics and Grizzlies hadn't put in even more effort to be the last. But you know what's even cooler that the Bucks being 7-5? It's that Brett Favre's got the Packers at 10-1.


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