Friday, July 30, 2010


Shinjuku HC is currently doing a study based on a book on relationships, and that got me thinking, what exactly would I look for in a girl?

  1. Good Christian
  2. Able to cook
  3. Fairly attractive (to me)
  4. Able to tolerate my inanity and foolishness
These are the few that are always kinda 'given', but now I just realized I would like one more: She should be able to 'protect' me from other women.

Now I don't mean that she should be possessive, or that she should protect me from my mom, but if I ever find myself getting distracted by other women in a bad way, I would hope she would have enough initiative to step in and either drag me away or smack me in the head.

In return, I'll promise not to play so much Xbox or PSP, unless she's a gamer too, then it won't be an issue. Oh, and protection when the zombie apocalypse happens.


P.S. Please do not read anything into this. I do not have a girlfriend. It's just a thought I had.

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