Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prayer Stuff #2

Ok, so I've at least managed to get the second one of these posts up. Go perseverance!
  1. Thanksgiving for Simon's (Shinagawa Kai) confirmation last Sunday. He attends a Lutheran church on Sunday, so this is almost the same level as a baptism.
  2. This week is travel week for me. Apart from point 1, which was held in Totsuka (near Yokohama), I will also be going to Ibaraki (for HC) on Thursday, and Yokohama again on Friday (for prayer session).
  3. Regarding the Friday prayer, it is run by Kodaira-san, and it is for Yokohama HC, which he is party to.
  4. This Saturday, Shinjuku HC will be starting Alpha training.
Yup so that's it right now.


Teck Tee said...

Hey daniel... Not sure if you remember me, but this is Teck Tee from VCF (the meddie). Got to your blog from limmy, and it's been really encouraging reading about your ministry and heart for Japan... Have recently received a burden to pray for the nation of Japan too... Do continue to fight the good fight and run the race well bro! Will be keeping you and the lovely people around you in prayer :)

ArkAngel said...

Hey Teck Tee,

Of course I remember you haha how to forget?

Great that you have a heart for Japan... maybe a calling in the future? heh. You still in school or have to go back to serve as Cpt (Dr.) Tan?

Btw, if you're interested, there's a Japan prayer group at OMF Singapore on the 1st Tuesday of each month I think. Dean (remember him?) goes for it quite regularly

Teck Tee said...

Hey yup coincidentally my friend also referred me to the Japan prayer group and the next one's on 7 Sep :) Looking forward to it!

I'm still in school, in my final year actually... Just wondering though do you happen to know if there are missions opportunities for doctors in Japan? I just came from a church missions retreat and from what I've heard it's quite difficult to enter Japan as a healthcare professional as their system doesn't cater to foreigners.

Of course I remember dean! Really thankful that I got to know fellow brothers like you and him :)

Will be bonded for the next 6 years so I'm stuck in S'pore... Looking to join my church missions comm and ask God where He intends to send me... He's definitely called me to missions, but not where yet :)

ArkAngel said...

Missions opportunities for doctors in Japan... erm not really leh. I mean part of the reason is that the Japanese healthcare system is already pretty extensive (1st world country and all that), plus yeah, there is quite a lot of protectionism with regard to employment, unless you're a super specialist or can offer something that they don't normally have (for example, English teacher for native speakers etc).

Plus the language is tough haha.

I guess if you're still interested, you could always go to some of the missions agencies (OMF, SEND etc) and ask if there are any options for medical work in Japan. I don't really know a lot lah.

At least you'll have those 6 years to slowly think and pray about it haha. maybe by that time, there will be openings for you.

Teck Tee said...

Yup... I guess right now the main thing would be to continue to pray consistently... God's been really gracious in allowing me to keep up with a japanese friend from IFG and He's still growing this love for the nation of Japan...

Would really appreciate your prayers too during this time! I guess the challenge right now would be to finish final year well, and not look at the 6-year bond as a hindrance. Missions really is anytime, anywhere! And even if God may not eventually call me to Japan, I do want to continue to make more Japanese friends and keep the nation and missionaries in prayer :)

Teck Tee said...

Oh and it'd be really great too if you wouldn't mind sending me your prayer newsletter... I'd be glad to pray for you and the work in Japan!

ArkAngel said...

Ok! Will pray for you.

Haha I don't actually have a real prayer letter going around... which is kind of why I started this section. But if you can send me your email via fb or something, I can send you the thing that passes off as my prayer letter.

Teck Tee said...

Okay sure! My email's toldo97@hotmail.com :)
Just went for the prayer meeting and it's amazing seeing God's hand work... Had the pleasure of talking to shihoko who's colleagues with my DG mate from church and met john and sian from the uk and many others... Prayed for you too!

And shihoko just told me apparently Japan's government is thinking of new ways to bring in foreign doctors to the healthcare system!! And I just read abit about St. Luke Hospital (apparently it's an international Christian hospital in Tokyo) and the opportunities are certainly exciting but I'm off to pray now :)