Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, so many things have gone on in May and I hadn't really thought much off what to write out. Usually, I only start typing because I have some inspiration, other times, it's cos I don't want to miss a month (except when I missed the month of March 08). Today, it's a mix of the two. I mean, I want to have a May 08 post, but I don't really feel like writing. Still, I do have some inspiration. So it's a mix. Right. Let's get started.

1) Originally, the first things I wanted to talk about were things that happened in my life, but somehow, global events make that look so small. So I shall dedicate my first portion to the victims of the Burma typhoon (Burma because) and the Sichuan quake. Singapore seriously has it good, being in a relatively safe location geographically, and with a government that's extremely nit-picky and which places much emphasis on safety/standards etc.

And I don't think I will ever understand how the people there are feeling. I've never gone through what they're going through, never seen things as graphically as they have, never had to experience all the emotions and suffering they are going through. All I can do, as in the words of SCC's song, is to "carry you to Jesus". It's a fallen world we live in, but Jesus still can give us the hope we need.

I also hope that the Burmese government would remember that their first responsibility is to their people, not to their power. I find it sickening that those in power are still being power-grubbers when their people are dying. Wen Jianbao is willing to take whatever aid he can get for his people. You want to take the aid for yourself you sick *&%)@&!!

2) P.J. left church. He had a calling elsewhere, and several events led him to that point of confirmation. While I am sad to see him go (you don't go for two mission trips with someone and not feel sad when he leaves), I guess this is all for the better, as part of God's big plan.

3) Went to play paintball on the 19th. Thanks to J for the treat, since it is really rather costly, to say the least. And when you get hit by the round, it really hurts. Like, you can bleed sort of hurt. Or bruise sort of hurt. And the dude at the palce said they lowered the gas regulator on the gun (marker). And it's even more tiring than SOC. Maybe it's the whole wearing-a-helmet thing that makes running about so tiring. But ok. I made one shot that I was so proud of, but I shall not talk about it, in case she gets annoyed. hahahaha. Shall post a picture of the group up later.

4) The reason I could play paintball so happily last Monday, was that my exams are over! I mean, they had been over for quite a while by then, but yeah, you don't take your last exams in NUS without mentioning it. Or at least, these will be my last papers unless my deadpanned, understatement ends up unfortunately as an overstatement, and I fail. Ended up shifting back to the 6th floor to study, just like in Year 1 Semester 1. Except there weren't quite so many CF people like last time, even though G is from CF. She was my regular studying partner. Ok, ok, she was studying. I was usually asleep. And Smurf too. He even brought in his NTU/SMU (?) friend using my card that time. Sneaky Smurf.

5) The end of the exams, for me however, did not quite mean a long period of fun and games. Not that I started a job or anything, but the end of exams=prep for JMT. We had had our car wash fund-raising in April, and so in May, we did some baking instead. I now realize, that baking large scale is not quite so fun. Two huge batches of cookies came out too soft to be used. (Like, if you use the Hershey's recipe, it's only good if you don't really need to pack it. For packing and all, Betty Crocker provides slightly harder cookies). And like on one day, I was baking late. Like 3am sort of late. Still, everything was finished, and no one got stomach aches. God really blessed us (and the vict- I mean customers).

6) Just last week, Man U won the Champion's League trophy. I'm glad they won it, congrats to them. Even though the whole post-Zola Chelsea era is no longer new, I still don't like them. I do feel sorry for John Terry, however. He's one of the few guys on the Chelsea team I do respect, and it really was quite a nasty way to end his campaign this season.

But, the point of this section isn't on the UEFA Champion's League. I want to talk about a match that occurred half a week earlier. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the FA Cup. I did hope Cardiff City would win (since I always like seeing the underdogs triumph). But this isn't even about that.

It's about this: Nwanko Kanu has the most disgusting endzone dance I have seen. I mean, it was really bad. Like really really bad. Like really really REALLY ugly. I can't describe it. I don't want to describe it. I don't even want to think about it. Gah.

7) Sometimes, I feel chained. Despite having freedom in Christ, I still can't seem to find my way out of this maze I managed to dig myself into. Curse it. It's like my permanent problem (P2 haha). If you know what I'm talking about, you can pray for me. If you don't, don't ask.

8) Found some more nice photos from previous trips. haha.

I think I have shown this before in many places. Got it at Odaiba in 2005. But there were others!

Erm, I think this is Odaiba too. Haha. I can't really remember.

Ditto for this one.

This one looks like a postcard from Holland (I don't know why Holland. Must be the association with windmills), but yes, you guessed it, this is in Odaiba.

Closer view, looks more artistic. haha.

Ah. Finally. I was looking for this one, but just couldn't find it. So I found the other ones instead. Haha. But yes. Guess where...

9) Listening to the Narnia soundtrack reminds me of Japan...



Anonymous said...

'sneaky smurf'.. I like that. =)

By the way.. how do you come up with such interesting post Titles? I'm always intrigued..

Anonymous said...

yeah man. i'm quite disgusted with the burmese govt. and george yeo too, for saying that a govt knows what's best for its people in that ST article.

maybe u'll return from japan with a fashionable ponytail...