Friday, July 29, 2005


I can only thank God, for granting me the opportunity to take the modules I applied for.

But for all the info and support all the way there, I thank God for my parents. And also for my friends. Adeline, Cheryl, Lai, Wilson, Wangster, Gerald, Shaun, Sam, Derek, Grace, Grace, and Emily, who helped me at the last minute. (Don't think I missed out anyone)



I've always wondered how to post pictures on the site, and I guess this is as a good a shot to try it out.

Hope it works.

By the way, if it does come out, it should show a shot that was taken at Odaiba.


Friday, July 15, 2005


And so they set off, on a journey that most likely had to be conceived in a moment of insanity. Braving the elements of nature, the weary band trudged on, through the oceans of green, where the blades of were as sharp as they were tall; surviving the scorching sun as it beat down mercilessly throughout the day, while intense heat radiated off the very ground they stood upon; pressing on, despite the physical injuries...

Well, ok, so the physical injuries were only a few blisters, several sore muscles, and one bad case of abraision, but hey, we did manage to walk from Choa Chu Kang to Kranji Dam.

And it was a wonderfully sunny day too. From Monday till today, it has rained everyday, except for Wednesday, when we were engaged in this hare-brained scheme. Talk about blessings...

Anyway, I found it quite fun (sign of mental instability), especially at the Lim Chu Kang road area. By nature, the surrounding land is all open ground. Or at least, it lacked the jungles (both ecological and concrete) that are common to Singapore. As a result, it was possible to see the whole expanse of the azure sky, with the almost blinding white of the clouds reflecting the brilliance of the sun. You could see the dark forests on the horizon, marking a clear boundary between the blue of the sky and the green of the fields.

Another one was at the endpoint, at Kranji Dam. There, after all the walking we did, with the heat and the traffic, as well as noise and smoke that came with the package, we found an oasis of calm.

Seems like a parrallel to living doesn't it? You go through life, with it's ups (marvellous scenery, rest points, fellowship with friends) and downs (heat, the bashing through the 2-meter high grass, blisters), but if we remain focused on the goal, we will finally be able to attain our rest...


P.S. For full documentary on the trip, including situations like the Frisbee Foul-up, or Rambutan Robbers, please ask any of the team members, i.e. Jabez, Frankie, Yoke Yee, Emily, Justin or me.