Friday, March 14, 2008


I must say I'm a little upset that I missed typing out a post in February. I try to make it a point to have at least one post per month, but now I have ruined my record since Nov 2004, when I first started I think.

So anyway, just three things to post for the time being until I can get enough time to really write out all the happenings. There have been quite a bit, but these three are what I shall do first.

1) I know in the previous post, I promised to talk about what had irked me so, but due to the fact that it has been settled (sort of), and best be kept buried, I shall not say anything about it.

2) I got my iBook back today! Will tell the full story some other time, but suffice to say, this event has made my day! Though in all probability, after I get back my essays or something, I shall become depressed again.

3) This is really big, somewhat sad news. Just a week ago, Brett Favre announced his retirement from professional football. Quite possibly the greatest quarterback Green Bay has ever had, and who led the Pack up to the conference finals... Thanks for the memories, and all the touchdowns.

Ok. I shall post another one soon, and just so that I remember, it will include stories of V-Day event: No Sugar Added, the woes of the Milwaukee Bucks, the story of the fallen iBook, the tale of how Tea and Marmalade came to be together, and some interesting photos.