Thursday, April 27, 2006


Exams ended for me today at 3. It was really fast.

It was great studying with the rest of the people in school, like last time. Really made studying kinda fun.

Now prepping to head off to Japan. And I'm not packed too.

So long.

Free. That's me.


Thursday, April 20, 2006


*runs around wildly, waving hands in the air, in a generally insane manner.*
*runs into wall and collapses*

So there we have it.
Start of exams: T - 10hrs.

"Je vous ai compris!" - Charles de Gaulle.
He probably felt like how I'm feeling now. Just that I think his problem was on a slightly larger scale than mine...

Oh, and there'll be a documentary being shot tomorrow by the well-known local film-makers W&D.

Start of filming: T - 9hrs.

*knocks self out to preserve what little sanity remains*


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I have officially reached the next stage in muggerism: I have heard the music that is played when the Central Library closes...

The next rank would be when I can memorize the tunes and hum along to it.



Monday, April 17, 2006


Hooray. It's that time of the semester again, where we all get to meet each other in the library, very often through bleary eyes that have just attempted to make sense of the little scribbles in our notepads, with the disheveled appearance of one who has just woken up from the state of unconsciousness in the chairs...

YES! It's exam season! Great isn't it? Just as Major League Baseball kicks off in the USA, so does exam fever hit all NUS students. Where you'll get the opportunity to see people doing such sports as weight-lifting (involving notes, books, and the occasional laptop), endurance studying (where students do all they can to keep awake, such as eating candies, talking to friends, or drinking coffee or Red Bull, which someone once told me was more Bull pee than anything), and the conference room dash (which I personally find highly amusing, and rather un-glam).

At any rate, I must admit that so far, the stress hasn't started to affect me yet. Most probably, it was due to the fact that my history simulations were both held just last Thursday. Thanks to God for seeing me through that last week (esp since I also had my LAJ Oral Test Thursday morning), and also to all those who had to bear with me as being part of their group.

JMT prep is also going pretty ok. Apart from the fact that since me and C are both going to be having exams, M has to handle a lot of the logistics work. But so far, she's handling it ok, which is really great. Now if I can only just learn how to cook my things properly... If not, there's always bread and water. hahaha... that's what happens when you get me as the Food I/C. Frugality people! heh. kidding. I won't be able to tahan that myself, unless absolutely necessary...

I also just realized I won't get to see some people for a long time. E left a couple of weeks back for Starlight, and he'll only be back when I've left. Same for J. He's going army Friday, which coincidentally, is the same day that my exams start. Haha... You should have seen his face when we gave him the army men to command.... And I also will only be able to see brother after I get back, since he'll be on field camp this coming weekend, learning to survive on his BRAND NEW FIELD RATIONS WHICH INCLUDES RIBENA, CANNED MILO AND M&MS!!!!!!! AUGH!!!! Since when has army food become so good?!?!? Maybe it's got to do with the elections... hahahaha...

But anyway, even as the tests approach on the horizon, I think it's still important that we always dedicate ourselves to God first, and give Him the glory. That is the only way to live. Doesn't matter if you have a little less time to study, we should still stop to praise and honour our Lord for what He has done. It's not for the blessings that we will receive. It's for the events that unfolded over the Easter weekend. And as a positive externality (bother my Econs training and genetics), we will be blessed in our walk with Him.

On other notes, I finally got the opportunity to go for CG on Thursday. Even though it wasn't a true CG, and I was late, and had to walk for 20 mins from Arts canteen to the Maccers along West Coast. But it was nice to be able to join back for awhile. And MS gave us her project to do. Which involved us filling up little cutesy pieces of paper with encouragement for other people in the CG. And the paper came from her personal stack which she had bought in secondary school or something, but had never used... I wonder why she never used it. And no, I haven't forgotten the psych mind-meddling either... haha...

Ya well, can't really think of anything else right now. Maybe when the stress finally hits me, I'll be able to write another entry, ranting in an unintelligible, senseless, totally un-co-ordinated manner... but till then,


P.S. H, all the best for your paper tmr, in the event that you actually ever reach this site.