Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today was the culmination of almost two years of learning at the driving center. Well, ok, not exactly two years. More like two months with 1 year 10 in between.

See I wanted to get my driver's license in 2005 before I went to uni, since I had a bit of free time. But driving everyday for two weeks makes driving lessons incredibly boring, and I was rather upset when I realized that to take the advanced theory test, I had to go for lessons and take a mock test before I was allowed to sit for the test.

So I just stopped taking 'em, and procrastinated until recently, when I cleared my advanced theory in June or July this year.

Went for lessons yesterday, and stalled twice. Nothing much to worry about.

And today was the test.

Blue sky overhead
Seeing the roads of my joy
Complements the breeze

D, 'tis a reference


Sunday, October 14, 2007


So just the other day (I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday), I was sitting at the edge of the Deck (hur hur) trying to do some readings or what not. (If it was Tuesday, I was trying my best to finish off my essay [which incidentally, was due the next day] while still trying to maintain my unflappable exterior. Thanks to God, I actually managed to do both)

So yeah, I was sitting there, when suddenly H bounces up to me, and says:

H: Hey! What you doing?
Me: Pre-modern Japan essay.
H: Oh! That's the one I'm not doing anymore.
Me: Yeah, that's the one where you abandoned me.
H: Eh sorry lah...
Me: Heh
H: Anyway, I got a joke to say to you
Me: Erm, ok
H: What do you do if someone throws a chicken at you?
Me: Eh?
H: Come on come on...
Me: (After thinking for a while to see what's the sort of joke-ish answer she wanted) Er, you duck?
H: (Wrinkles her nose at me) Eh, you heard it before ar?
Me: No, I just made a wild guess.
H: So what happens if I ask someone, but they don't know the answer?
Me: Is this some more joke?
H: Yes, quick answer.
Me: (trying to act nonchalant) Aiya don't know lah
H: (trying to suppress her smile at getting one up on me) You suan (swan) the person!

This was when G, who was sitting nearby decided to chime in

G: Haiya, H, can you stop acting like a silly goose?
H: Oei what
Me: Yeah. Stop making such foul (fowl) jokes.

That totally cracked H up. Sometimes, I amaze myself.

Naturally, all this talk about birds also reminded me of a certain friend of mine who once mixed up the names of a small Australian parrot and a fried potato patty. J, if you're reading this, EAT A TAO SA PAU!

On another note, just on Friday, I heard this exchange in my Religion class between D and M.

D:(some talk which I didn't hear)
M: (some talk which I didn't hear either)
D: But Dong{1} is north!
M: No, Dong{1} is east!
D: No! Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3}, North south east west! (points at the four cardinal points)
M: No, Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a different order)
D: No! Hey! (calls friend) Back me up here. It's Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a NSEW manner) right?
D's friend: Erm, I think so
M: No what, it's Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (points at the four cardinal points in a ESWN manner)
Me: D, Dong{1} is east. Why do you think Tokyo is called Dong{1}jing{1} in Chinese?

So anyway, this argument goes on and on, until finally, I say

Me: Aiya, Dong{1} is east lah. Dong{1} Nan{2} Si{1} Bei{3} (I point at the cardinal points in a ESWN manner) Chinese and Western style is different. Don't believe me, can ask O. His Chinese is better than mine.
O: (Doesn't say anything, but his slow grin makes D realize that M and me may have been right after all) (Btw, O is Australian. Like angmoh)
D: Really ar?
M: Wah, this is the first time I heard an AC boy (referring to himself, not me. I'm not AC. *shudder*) is better in Chinese than an RV girl