Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Egg

It's a little hard to see, but the egg was actually a pale green-ish in colour. Perhaps I should have taken a photo of a normal egg as a control picture.

You should not eat green eggs and ham,
You should not eat them, not a gram
You should not eat them if you can
You shouldn't touch them with your hands.

You shouldn't stick them on your fork
Or try to boil 'em in a pot.
Green eggs will make you feel unclean,
Green ham is probably Soylent Green

So don't tell me it is nice to eat
Don't tell me it will make me fit
Don't lie to me, Sam-I-Am.
I will not eat green eggs and ham!

But really, if your egg is green, it's probably rotten. So please don't eat it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It appears that the email account I use to do most of my communicating with has either been hit by a virus or a spambot. And it sends out spam mail to my contact list. So far, hopefully, those of you who have gotten such spam mails from me haven't been too affected by it, other than by having to delete said spam mails.

But it is leaving me in a particularly foul mood.

Stupid spam s***. #alliteration

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prayer Stuff #14

Yikes I've really missed quite a few weeks of late.

Prayer stuff!:
  1. Thanksgiving that Yixin (Shinjuku HC) has accepted Christ.
  2. Urawa English group will be starting up again on Monday, followed by Coco's English corner on Tuesday morning. The Coco's group actually already met once on the 4th, but we had to take a hiatus again cos Steve was busy.
  3. E-moms on Thursday, followed by Kids' Club on Friday and the E-moms/Kids' Club people's New Year's Party. Kinda late, that, but well, hope everything goes ok.
  4. Shinjuku HC looks like it may be losing it's core members in a hurry by March, so pray for guidance as to what we should do, whether it would be better to continue to try to hold it together, or to find other places for the other members after March.
Ok, that's about it!


Certainly didn't take too long for me to do something odd again.

#6: Cutting my hair

Now, quite obviously, my father would be extremely pleased to see this. He was never fond of me having long hair, and the only reason he tolerated it at all when I had a ponytail was 1) he had pretty much given up on convincing me to cut it off, and 2) I was in Japan, so he didn't have to see the ponytail everyday.

While my hair hadn't grown to quite that same length since I cut my hair way back in June before church retreat (yes, Jebra, that's why you didn't know I had a ponytail), it was getting to be at a length that would be frowned upon in most schools in Singapore. Most of the time, my hair doesn't bother me too much, even when playing basketball. But there was one event that made me really desire to have a high slope cut just like when I was in the army: my hair kept blocking my view when I was cleaning my house.

Stop laughing, please. I *do* clean my house every now and then. Whenever the piles of paper start to make me upset, or when the dust balls start becoming sentient, whichever comes first.

So I decided to go cut my hair. However, I did not quite realize how much my hair protected my ears from the cold. I was thinking, 'seriously, how much warmth does my hair give my ears?'

Well, I found out that it actually does provide quite a lot of warmth, because the moment I stepped out of the barber shop, my ears felt like little icicles of cold were doing their best to make my ears get frostbite. And this is in Tokyo, where the temperature tends to hover between 5 and 10 degrees.

So now children, remember that if it's winter, and your hair is long, wait a little longer till when it's warmer to get a haircut.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday, at Shinjuku HC, I was blessed to witness a conversion. Nothing major happened, just that she said she prayed the prayer at the end of one of the Alpha Course sessions. In fact, she said it so matter-of-factly that the rest of us weren't quite sure whether she understood what she just said. So Karen asked again to clarify. And she replied in the affirmative.

I guess she thought it was more elaborate than that, because we as we all sat and were thinking 'is this for real?', she asked, 'How do I become Christian?' We all laughed at that and said, 'Well, that was it. There's nothing you have to do, no ceremony you have to perform, no magical manifestations, and you probably won't feel any different.' To which she replied, 'Oh.'

It seems all the more improbable, since most of us only got to really know her recently. She started coming after Sylvia invited her to join us on the Alpha Retreat in the middle of December, and although we watched the Alpha videos together, we didn't do very much 'evangelizing'. At least, I didn't. But God was at work, in ways I could not see. He used the videos, and I think, also the friendships that she had with the rest of the HC members.

And so we welcome Yixin to our family of Christ. And though nothing major might have happened in the world as we see it, we can know that the angels in heaven were rejoicing that a soul was saved (which made her feel a lot happier that there was so much celebration for her).