Sunday, March 26, 2006


Recently there was the case of the Afghan convert to Christianity who was on trial in Afghanistan. And well, for me, that was the first time I came so directly into contact with persecution of Christians. I mean, I've heard of cases in the past, like in the Roman Empire, or behind the Iron Curtain, but that was in the past, and this was really quite a shocker to me that such persecution could still take place.

And I must really commend this man. He is one who was really ready to take up the cross of Christ. He would've died a martyr. As it is, I think the latest news is that the Afghan court is bowing to foreign pressure, and will be dropping the case against him. But even then, he has already made a statement of his faith that speaks louder than words could ever hope to do.

And if by his actions, he manages to strengthen the faith of others, and make other people think of the sincerity of their professed faith, then I feel that he has managed to do God's work very well here on earth already.

It really made me wonder. Is my faith going to be as strong as his when I'm facing death? I am ashamed to say that when I saw the way he could have escaped the death sentence, by renouncing Christianity, and embracing Islam, I actually immediately thought that he should take that path. And it really showed me how world-like my mindset could become. And that truly frightened me.

I hope that he will remain a rally point for us. That we'll remain true to Christ who died for us 2000 years ago, so that even if are facing death, we'll remember first, that Christ had already paid our price with His life, and second, that our life here on earth is nothing compared to what awaits us after death.

Keep the faith, my brothers.

Monday, March 13, 2006


It's been awhile. I guess. Been a little caught up in stuff, most notably an essay at which I have spent more time stoning at then doing, and a BB camp just last weekend.

Brother went to army last Thursday. He went to Taurus company in BMT, but apparently, the place has mellowed a lot since my time, the lucky sot... heh... he seems to be coping well at any rate.

And the BB camp was a little tough. Cos I've been waking up early and sleeping late for the past few days, and so I really wanted to sleep in late in the weekend, but needed to go and help S out. So once again, I woke up early, and headed down, and there, I spent the time helping out set up obstacles. And there, I discovered two things: 1) I can still do the low rope. At least my technique's still there. And 2) I really should warm up before I do such strenuous activities, because as of now, I have sore hands, sore arms, and strained stomach muscles, so that everytime I cough, or sneeze, or try to sit up while lying down, I feel a little uncomfortable, to put it mildly. And then there was the night hike, but that wasn't quite so bad.

Anyway, I've gotten back two of my mid-term stuff. And my grades are definitely throught the grace of God. My English mod I got 67%, which is really quite good, since C told me apparently the highest is only just over 70%. I certainly didn't expect that, as my technical abilities in English certainly aren't there. And my History essay received an A-. Which is really only because God gave it to me. I mean, how else can an essay with no references and bibliography get an A-? (Honestly, I didn't refer to any books, but it's always good to have had done so).

And on Thurs morning (I think), A showed me his book that said something like, "Have you noticed how so many songs talk about praising God, but they don't actually praise God?" And I found that quite thought-provoking. Cos it's quite true, isn't it?

Anyway, today, I ended school at around 6, and then quickly ran up to Woodlands to pass my hockey gear to L, cos she hadn't bought her stuff yet. So just as I reached the bus interchange, the 912 bus that goes to her place pulled into the bay, so I thought: " Thanks God, for setting it up so nicely." Then I went over to her place and left the stuff outside, and then went back to catch a 912 back to the interchange. Well, as anyone who's ever been to that place before, you'll realize that when you need the 912 to come, it won't come. So anyway, the bus came like after I was waiting there for like 15 mins. Oh, and did I forget to mention that out of the goodness of their hearts, my parents were at that moment waiting at YCK station to give me a lift home. So when the bus finally came, and I was on my way back, my parents said they were going home first. I mean, by that time, it was 7.45, and they had postponed their dinner for one and a half hours already, and they had ice-cream in the boot.

That was when I lost my cool. I mean, outwardly, I was still quite composed, but inside, I was seething. Not at my parents, not at the bus system, not at me, but at that very moment, all I really wanted to do was to go and scream out some curses. Which is really quite strange, as I didn't even feel this kind of urge while in army, which is a decidedly more vulgar place than anywhere else in Singapore.

And it took a while to cool down, during which I realized I would probably have to go for the BB enrolment service, and that I would have to go and do my essay, which just upped my upset factor by a degree of about 2.5. So I told Ag about it, cos I was supposed to do BS this week, and she told me to arrange with Jie, but I thought she didn't understand my question. Must've been the heat of the moment lah, so if you felt that I was snapping at you, you wouldn't be far wrong, but I'm sorry I did it.

And that brought me back to Ag's BS on Sunday. In my thoughts, was I building up my spiritual account with God? I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm back to normal (about as normal as I can get) and just trying hard to stay awake, cos of this entry, and I will really need to continue that afore-mentioned 1000 word essay of which I have only about 200, and of which I will probably revise and change. Bleah.