Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've wanted to post about some stuff for a long while now, but I really was too lazy to log in and type out the whole thing.

First things first, have you seen the new rifle drill with our nice new weapon the SAR 21? You may have noticed it on National Day. Now don't get me wrong. I love that rifle. The scope makes it a lot easier to aim than the M16's iron sights. And the mostly fibreglass construction makes it easy to clean. And even though it's heavier, the fact that the handgrip is in the centre makes it easier for us Asians to fire the rifle one-handed, if the need ever arises. Plus, the fact that it is new = fresh from the manufacturing plant = anti-rust protection still there = less cleaning necessary.

But, the rifle is shorter. Which while making it excellent for the urban warfare we are expecting to have to handle, considering Singapore's cityscape, makes it also, a whole lot less elegant than the longer M16. And thus, for rifle drill and stuff, I still very much prefer the old rifle drill with the M16/AR15 rifles. It just looks a lot cooler. And the fact that the holding of the SAR 21 rifle in the 'at ease' position also looks pretty weird.

Anyway, enough about the new rifle drill. I'm just glad I didn't have to march with the SAR 21 on ceremonial.

I also got all my modules. I've got 3 History mods, and 1 Physics mod which I was supposed to do with R, but due to a mistake in calculation (that marks us FASS students), he couldn't get into the class. And also Japanese 3, which promises to be a whole lot harder than 2. (Duh...) Balloting is still pretty icky, even though I can't really say that Science's first-come-first-served style is any better, since I'm not exactly like the average Singaporean.

Oh and have you noticed that the phrase 'first-come-first-serve' is actually grammatically incorrect? It should at the very least be 'served', since it's a past participle something or other (Elang majors, a little help here?).

Then school started. Monday's are packed, while at the moment, the rest of the week is rather free. Though right now, the green tables are rather empty, with M and D overseas, and A starting work, so yeah... very lonely. Anyway, it was nice to meet all the VCF people again, since I haven't seen quite a lot of them since FOC, and several more since school ended, but well.

Oh and IFG welcome tea the Friday before went really well, but if you really want to know about Jesus feeding the 120++, please click here.

Yup. VCF welcome tea on Wednesday was pretty cool too. Got to meet a few new freshies, and really say hi to a few of the afore-mentioned senior VCF-ers. Oh and I crashed 2 lectures this week already, SE1101E with LJ, and PS 3 something something something with H and E. Which brings the number of lectures I crashed to a grand total of...


So anyway, on Friday (like yesterday), I went down to school early cos I didn't want to take the bus out myself, then I crashed the 8am PS lecture, and then I bummed around a bit, then went to meet P and JS who were bringing some Japanese students out for lunch. It was really nice to get to meet them, cos they were really nice people. But S1 had to go and settle his tuition fees, so I went with him when he went to pay. Then we had to rush down to City Hall, since it was already like 1.45 and yeah. Paid $10.70, which was a damn sight better than that stupid $8 fare I had to pay in this previous post. And the fellowship was great, even though the meal cost me another $17... bah... I really can't afford more of this.

Then, I went home. I had actually considered going back to school to crash the CSI class, but NUS is a little too far from my place, and at any rate, I was supposed to have to go over to Serangoon Gardens for CG retreat. So I just stayed at home and played a spot of Xbox with brother who had booked out earlier. Then dad nicely sent me out and I took bus 70, on which I met cousin I, who was going to meet her special friend for dinner (my potential cousin-in-law. he's a nice guy).

So anyway, I met the rest when I got on board 317, and we went in. Whereupon C and me put our arsonic tendencies to good use by starting the bbq. Just fyi, MZ likes his marshmallows like carbonized. We found out. Then after the short bbq session, we headed over to the nearby park to play captain's ball and frisbee, where the CSI people joined us.

Now let me tell you, playing captain's ball in poor visual conditions is not very healthy, considering I almost had my right eye put out by the ball. And very often, we were like scrabbling around for the ball on the ground, or like throwing it too hard at each other, or missing the frisbee etc.

So anyway, after we got all sweaty and icky, A said he had to leave soon, and Ch and S also had to go, so we took a break, and then KFC, Mark us had the CG sharing/visioning. And after a short time of prayer, we went over to Chomp Chomp for supper at about 0030.

So anyway, I had decided to go home, since K wasn't staying (we live quite near to each other) and R was willing to give us a lift to Yio Chu Kang road. And I was feeling really icky anyway, so yeah. After supper, R dropped me off along Yio Chu Kang road at around 0145.

Now I was happily thinking happy thoughts of how I would be able to shower and change out of my icky clothes and then maybe I'll check my mail before sleeping. And along the way, I was just like sort of like praying/conversing with God about stuff in my life, which not only made me feel even happier, but helped to make the walk in go faster.

So I happily reached the lift, and happily took it up to my apartment, and happily took out the keys from my bag, thanking God that I had a set of house keys (there are only like 3 sets), and as I happily walked out of the lift, and happily put the key into the front gate at 2 am, that I suddenly remembered my dad latches the door before he goes to sleep.

Sure enough, I could unlock the door, but thanks to the latch, there was no way I could get in.

The great thing was, that I didn't start to become depressed, or start to rail at God or anything, which I might have done. In fact, I almost started laughing at my predicament. I think God had given me the peace and calmness of heart sorta and so I was pretty ok. So I ended up sleeping outside my house, after sms-ing C to tell him of my predicament. I bet the whole bunch of them had a good laugh, and C was really nice, cos he like called back at like 0230 and said he was heading to his place in Hougang in a cab to grab some stuff, and would I like to meet him so that I would have a proper place to sleep. But I said it was ok, and pretty mafan anyway, so I just went to sleep on the floor. Which is actually pretty funny, when you come to think of it, since the two newspaper guys who came at like 0515 would have like thought I was some sort of illegal immigrant or something haha...

So yeah, at 6, I figured I could safely wake my father without him biting my head of, so I rang the doorbell, and he came to the frontdoor to find his firstborn son standing there barefoot, looking rather disheveled.

So anyway, that was my last couple of weeks.

Oh, and the FASS canteen is going to be renovated. AUGH! No more green tables! ARGH! Meet there for a few more times before the place gets demolished....


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Woke up really early today, cos I had to meet H and then we would go down to the airport to see M off, who is presently on his flight to the US for exchange at UNC. Did some pretty stupid things, like deciding to stay up and play xbox till 0130 in the morning, and then deciding that it would be better to sleep a bit. So I woke up at 0320, washed up, and then walked out to the main road, and due to the early morning hours, there is no bus, so I had to walk to the bus stop that is closer to the CTE. Then I realized I hadn't exactly timed myself very well, and I ended up waiting for about 40 mins, where I took this photo.

Just sorta playing around with the camera, used max shutter exposure and waited to take the cars that zoomed past. This one is sort of partially across the picture only, but I think it is one of the better ones, cos the colours come out quite nicely. Another one I got is all red, cos I was aiming to my left, while the third one I tried is like blue-ish white across the right half, and red across the left, but the colours aren't quite so bright. Oh and if you look closely, you'll actually be able to see the outline of the car.

Oh, did I forget to mention that earlier yesterday, I woke up early to meet E and pass her something? Cos that meant that I woke up at like 0530 the morning before, and went down to meet her. And while waiting for her, I was reading the Civil War by Julius, and I must admit, it isn't exactly the most entertaining of books, though it is readable enough. And then I met LJ in BTP (last time I went there was in '02 I think) and then sort of bummed around before meeting J, C and B to play squash, which left me with my muscles aching, and in a condition that should warrant more than 2 hours of sleep. Bah.

And finally, because LJ arrowed me to do this weird thing. (Reminiscent of what MS did to me awhile ago.)

1. I've only got one eyebrow. Like it's joined lah.
2. I've got scars only on the right side of me.
3. I like my sword.
4. I've been to Japan twice, but only once to the US (despite her being my homeland)
5. I've got one brother and one sister, and one father and one mother.
6. I don't drink.
7. I played hockey for my school before. Our win-loss ration was 1-5.

1. Losing my faith.
2. Losing my family, friends etc.
3. Losing something expensive, and having to explain to my dad how I lost it.
4. My dad. (sometimes)
5. Peering over the edge of a high building, and thinking about how it would feel to just jump over.
6. Doing it.
7. IPPT.

1. Why did she have to arrow me to do this?
2. Haha... I know one person I'm gonna arrow to do this.
3. Banana chips are nice.
4. I think my toe is infected.
5. I like my sword.
6. I just realized this whole exercise in narcissism focuses a lot on "I".
7. Thank you God for being my strength.

1. Yeah.
2. Erm, right.
3. OK
4. I can't eat that, I'm getting fat.
5. Yeah. A bit.
6. I dunno.
7. I think I can pass.

Meisi (haha, right back at you!) Ade Fam, Sulwyn, Brother Wong, Sister Wong, Matt, Yongling.

1. I may not like it when I realize something I've gotten is slightly damaged, but after that, I really like it. The glitch sort of gives it a uniqueness. Haha.
2. I am a messy person, but occasionally, I get struck by a cleaning bug, and I become obsessive about cleanliness.
3. I brush my teeth in the shower.
4. I like supporting underdog teams.
5. I know how to cook. A bit.
6. I really dislike people who block others from getting off the MRT, and I sometimes take great pleasure in walking directly into them.
7. I like lightsabers.