Saturday, December 23, 2006


So once again, my crazy literary persona took over during the last day of the Telunas camp, when we were supposed to be writing our reflections, and so, instead of that half page report I was supposed to give PJ, I ended up with this, which for one, does not do justice to the situation that night (since it is really a combination of both nights), and which ended up with me having to rush that half page report on the trip back to Singapore. Oh well.

They gathered there that night to pray,
To praise and thank Him for the days
Just gone past, of rest and play
Upon the quiet sea.

So their voices gently rose,
Flowing out, across the cove
In gratitude for His mercies shown
Upon the quiet sea.

In the distance lightning flashed,
Lighting the clouds up to the west
Yet the sound of thunder did not crash
Upon the quiet sea.

Still the songs rose from the deck
Thanking the Lord for needs not lacked
And suddenly the clouds rolled back,
Revealing a sight to see.

So they looked up, to their delight
They saw the stars, burning in the night
A field of black with points of white
Above the quiet sea.

And their praises rose to God above
As once again they felt His love
Coming down, they did observe,
Upon the quiet sea.

For the marvellous sight, and fresh cold air
Reminded them of the One who cares
Who listens to, and answers prayers
Upon the quiet sea.

Yup yup. So as we go about this Christmas, please let us all remember that it's not about Santa, or snow, or presents, or even giving, or being with friends, or finding romance under the mistletoe. We must remember that it is all about God sending Jesus to us to redeem us from our sins.


"We thank you Lord for sending Your Son,
God of love, sending Heaven's Bright Sun
To save us from sin, He did come,
To pay at Calvary."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Some stuff went on the past couple of weeks, so I've got a bit to ramble on about. Plus I was trying to wait for photos from F, and I was lazy (as usual).

So let's start from the most recent happnening. Which was that today, some of the peeps from VCF CG came over to do baking, and play a bit of Xbox. Or at least, that was the idea. It kinda ended up more like playing Xbox with a bit of baking. And being sick as I was, I fell asleep again in the mid afternoon, just after I had finished with the cookie stuff and the other 3 were screaming about how Darth Vader was coming to kill them. At any rate, the oatmeal raisin cookies came out surprisingly edible, despite my mom not being around, and yours truly not having had any prior experience with oatmeal raisin cookies. Maybe a bit too clove-ish, but well, still edible.

Yesterday was when we were supposed to do our church C@tB thingy at the CCIS thingy at Orchard Road. And we were all prepared for it, and I was coughing (as I am wont to do when I have a bad cough) as if I had TB. Anyway, it was raining when we got there, and the rain sort of seeped into the bus, so my left shoe got wet, and my bass case got wet, but thankfully, the bass stayed dry. Then we heard that it was cancelled due to a short circuit in the system.

C@tB on Saturday was really fun. Even though I made quite a few mistakes while playing, the whole Christmas message and stuff was put across, and it was good that we as a church could reach out to the community. Must say that the group of youths from the CC who put up a hip-hop dance were really good. And our church dance group also was quite nice. It was rather warm though, since there was lots of plastic tarps used as shelters, and it got kinda humid. But also, really thank God for the good timing and weather. It didn't really rain during the time we were having the event, so people were able to come down and play at the game stalls and stuff. And near the end, when we were playing our finale piece, the floats from Orchard Road came by. As in there was an arrangement for them to come up, but it came just as we were playing Feliz Navidad, and I thought that it was certainly rather timely. So thanks God, for arranging it like that.

Thursday and Friday were the practices for the C@tB. Nothing much else happened then. Just that I was coughing with me TB-like cough. And after Friday, my fingers hurt, cos playing bass causes some minor damage to fingertips.

Monday to Wednesday was really fun stuff. We went to this place near Batam called Telunas Beach for the senior youth camp. It's a really cool resort place. It's like built on stilts over the water, a bit like a kelong. And it does have white sandy beaches and clear waters, open skies etc etc. And the dude who was like the manager in charge, this American guy called Eric, he was really hospitable and friendly. And it was a really cool camp, because unlike last year, P.J. took it easy this time. It was more a relaxed camp with some teaching and much fellowship, as opposed to last year's training camp. Here are some pictures:

I wasn't lying when I talked about the white beaches and clear waters etc. This is the view from the back of the older guys' room. (We were kinda segregationist, and the lot of us took this room. All the rooms have the same sort of view though).

This is the view from the dining hall to the rooms. Our room is the first one directly in front.

This is the Guyros guys looking on in trepidation from the top of the high jetty jump. Just so that you know, one of the fun things we did there was to jump off the jetty into the sea. The jetty itself is about 2 meters above the sea, and just about everyone jumped off it. But the high one, is probably about 4 meters up? It's really high. And I think only half of us jumped off that one.

This is the shot immediately after the one above it. As you can see, only my eyes and nose are visible from the edge of the deck. This is because I had looked down, and realized that the water is a lot further down when you look at it.

This is the view you can get from the top of that 4 meter high deck that we were talking about, albeit with a little bit of altering by me in the form of length of exposure. But yes, notice the wide expanse of sea, and the skies, and the island in the distance. I tell you the view is great.

And finally, this is the boat ride back. Yeap, that's Eric at the right hand side. He's a really cool dude.

So anyway, this camp was really great. but the best part was being able to sense God with us when we were singing songs on the deck on the second night. The first night was kinda cloudy, but we had quite a fun time on the deck just hanging out there. The second night was a really clear night, and there were thousands of stars in the sky. And even though we didn't really pray it out, I think God knew we wanted to be able to take a look, and He answered our prayers. And I must say that standing there, and being able to see the awesome wonder of the heavens, is something that really does help you draw a little closer to God.

Oh and the other great thing about how God answers prayers? We had no rain for the time we were at Telunas. Dark clouds started gathering on the trip back to Batam, but it only really started raining when the ferry left Sekupang port for Singapore.

Oh and one more thing. God also helped A get into Batam, cos his passport had just under 6 months left. But God was gracious, and the dude at the immigrations didn't make a fuss out of it.

Please go to Farand's photo link to see more photos, if you're interested.

The Saturday before that, which is 9th of Dec methinks, P gave me a belated brithday present. It was really sweet. Like, literally. Haha. OK. It was a nice edible apple thingy, but it kinda leaked, so I had to quickly eat it and could not bring it home. And in my haste, I forgot to take a picture of it before consuming it. Oh well. Thanks P! And on the subject of birthday wishes, some of the CF people in school swamped my phone with SMSes, wishing me a happy birthday along with a happy exam, since I had a Japanese paper on that day, and D sent me a birthday sms from Aussieland again this year, though from Melbourne instead of Perth. And I think she forgot the time zone diff, so I got it at like 9pm the previous evening. But well. Haha.

Thanks God, for all that You've done in my life.


Saturday, November 25, 2006


You know you're really bored when you can be sitting in the media viewing room, and supposed to be studying for exams, and you are taking photos of the world outside, and thinking how much the scene looks like something out of Australia or USA.

But the weather's been really good all this while, and it's pretty regular, like clear blues skies in the morning, till early afternoon, and then the storm clouds form, and then it rains...

Another sign you're really bored is when you can come up with something like this:

It breaks
Peeking up
Over the tops
Of trees and houses
Casting its amber glow
Upon the diamond dewdrops
Lighting the mist with slanted rays
Feeling the changes upon my skin
From the cool of night to the warmth of day
Hearing birds sing out their morning song
Lifting their voices to their Lord
And as the early breeze comes
Carrying with it hints
Of the day to be
I've found what I
Want to find
I've found


Friday, November 24, 2006


We all knew it was coming. That didn't make it feel any better.

Here's to all the year(s) Arts VCF spent at the green tables. The traditional hangout place is gonna be undergoing renovation, but I don't think the green tables will be quite so green anymore... they may end up like the silver shiny sort of tables you find outside the nearest Macs, or *shudder* engineering canteen....

The feeling only really hit me during the last Wednesday morning prayer held there. Guess cos the date had been pushed back and back, and we knew it was "somewhere just before the exams", and suddenly, it was somewhere just before the exams. It was made even more painful I guess, that most of the CF people had been struck by muggerbug, and had shifted away to SMC awhile ago. And muggerbug was still going strong, as can be seen by the fact that our last prayer meeting at GT consisted of only 4 people.

Anyway, I think that's enough mourning for our past heritage. So here's K and E signing off from GT, with a nuclear explosion occuring somewhere in the harbour behind K.

So long, green tables. We'll colonize you when you come back next AY.


Monday, November 20, 2006


Caught up with work is such an understatement. Thanks mainly to the multitude of datelines, as well as the massive amounts of readings I had to do for my history class. Basically, I was camping in the library whenever I didn't have any class. Like everyday. Even Friday, which is technically my 'free' day... Yeah right. And I've heard the library closing song almost everyday too. Bah. I've become a mugger.

On a good note, for M and D who are overseas, the library plays a different tune every night now. And recently, they're into John Williams. Like the classical guitarist chap. On a bad note, Arts canteen is closed for renovation. So yeah. No more green tables.

So now, in between the essay rush period and the exam period is a short time where I can actually relax a little, since I don't have anything to hand in tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after the day after. Or the day... ok ok. You get the picture already.

So anyway, some highlights from the past few weeks included:

Having a long Skype conversation with M while a whole bunch of us were squeezed into a little 3"by 6" cubicle on the 5th floor of the Central Library. There was me, along with P, A, E, S, SC, er not too sure who else. But well. Poor MS had lessons, and couldn't join in the fun. Also HS, and F, and not sure who else, but well.

Almost getting ejected from Singapore. Since my application for a student pass was rejected by ICA. But God provided for me, mainly in the form of this official there called Koh, who was really understanding, and helped move things around, so that my re-application was successful. And also for other people who encouraged me, like C, who showed quite a bit of concern, and D, who helped me rant against policy from Aussieland. Yeah well. I didn't really feel terribly fearful, but well.

Realizing that J is trying to kill me by making me try to play the bass line from the Hillsong's funky Joy to the World.

Going to Vivo city for an exploratory walk. Went down a few Mondays ago with Jo to take a looksee, and to check out whether it was feasible for Thursday CG to have an outing there. The place is really huge. Like really huge. Compared to Suntec, I'm not too sure which one is bigger, but in Suntec, the shops are arranged in a sort of circle around the fountain in the middle (which people think rubbing will give them luck... I mean come on, that thing was like built when Suntec went up... like... ok ok..) while Vivo is sort of like a 3-sided 3-pronged shape thingy, with an outer and an inner pathway, so it can be easy to get lost. I almost got lost, but what with my natural skill at directions and supreme self-confidence, we never got lost.

Having 2 CG outings there. The first one was just our CG, the second one wasn't quite what was expected. But both times it was pretty fun. Well, sort of fun. The first one we watched the Black Dahlia, which was one of the worst choices we could have made. I mean, like really bad. Like Event Horizon sort of bad. Like Warriors of Heaven and Earth sort of bad. It was one heck of a freaky movie. And I didn't even know the stupid show was M18 or R21 or whatever. Bah.

Oh well. There were really a lot of things that went on, but I think I shall just end off here, with two other things.

First was my Japanese Oral test just last Wednesday. I'm always freaked out by oral, since I actually have to think very fast, and catch what Nagami-sensei was trying to say and stuff, but it was surprisingly ok. As in, I could really kinda understand most of the stuff, and could answer properly too. Haha. God gave me the gift of tongues and interpretation there for a while.

And secondly, is Psalm 107. I found it really helpful and applicable. It is one of the few times the Bible actually 'spoke' to me in a way that I felt it was speaking to me. Heh. And I really like the Psalm. Think it's pretty good.

Well, that's about it. Apart from the usual problems like running out of cash and freaking out over exams and stuff.

Oh well.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


Been kinda swamped with work these past few weeks... And it's only thanks to God that I'm still not too stressed out heh. I mean, cos when the whole weight of all my assignments and readings and projects and stuff all come down, it can be pretty scary, but well, just commit it to God, and let Him handle it. Yeah. I mean, I'll still do it lah, just that I don't need to pressure myself to death with stomach ulcers or anything..

Yeah anyway, some things of note, is that the green tables have officially been replaced by the SMC as the CF hang out place. Everyone's mugging now. OK, everyone started mugging long ago, but yeah.

And M and D, I have also reached the next level of muggering; Remember how I had once said that I had reached a new level when I heard the library closing song during the exam studying week? Well, I have managed to hear the library closing song... on a normal school day. And during the mid-sem break I came back to study. I mean, how mugger is that?

Oh well. I shall be nice to MS and not write out here what she told me on Thursday night. Haha. You can see it on her blog if you really want anyway, under the comments of one of the posts.

OK. Essay due on Monday, reviews due the following week, more essays after that, and SM3 camp to plan...それはちょっと大変ね.... And I went into one of my M3 (Momentary Moment of Madness) back on Wednesday, when I wrote Japanese into my church homework paper.... haha... Getting kinda wonky.... But thanks to A and J, who tried to make me feel better the previous Wed when I was in a really bummed mood.

Oh, and since we are called to be salt and light on the campus, remember how C always says we can be 'lightly salted'? I got a new one! We can be sodium lights! Since light is light and sodium is part of sodium chloride.. which is salt... OK ok, bad joke...

Work work.

God save the queen? God save me! hahahahahahaahahaha


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Had a slightly longer day last night, thanks to the readings I was trying to finish reading for the tutorials this morning. In fact, I stayed back later than normal, and only left when J ran into me in the SMC and sort of persuaded me to leave with her. Yeah, I even had to skip the first Kairos Course class to try and finish off all my readings and even then I didn't.

Regardless, the week has been pretty ok, despite the double mid-term test I had at the beginning. I know God was with me for the tests, cos in the language one, I did manage to get most of the stuff, think I can pass that one. And even for the US history one, I believe God granted me the peace of mind, so that I wasn't quite freaking out during the test.

To cap things all off, I have declared an S/U on my Physics mod, since I really don't think I can handle it anymore. Haha. Thought my JC level physics was enough... I was so wrong. Anyway, at about 12 noon yesterday, I declared the S/U while in Science. And, I found something interesting.

Take a look at this. This is the screen after I had just clicked the "confirm" button.

Oh. You don't see what I'm trying to drive at? That little phrase above the "Back to Login" button? OK. Let me enlarge it a little bit more for you.

"You has already logged out the system"!!

Wow! Please remember, that this is coming from one of the world's top 18 universities. And it is English based, so although we aren't exactly a English-for-mother-tongue country, I think is not quite inexcusable... In fact, it reminds me a little of another rather famous quote, or at least, it's a video clip...

Yeap ok. Back to work for me. Got the Film and History essay due in about 12 hrs time.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I was kinda in a bit of a funk this evening, feeling sort of depressed. I don't know why. But I was feeling really down. You know that sort of sian feeling that comes along every now and then.

So anyway, I was sorta in a bummed state on the bus home when I heard "I Belong to You" by the Hillsongs on the iPod. It's this really old song from like the "Shadow of Your Wings" album, but as I heard it, it was like I started to feel a little better, cos it kinda spoke to me about how I was His, and while the song was more about how we should have like eternal love for God, it implicitly said that God would not let me down.

Now, just to set what happened next in perspective, earlier on at the Green Tables, T asked me to play for her tomorrow for the Morning Prayer. And she wanted to do the two "In Christ Alone" songs. And as I was stewing in my funk on the way home on the bus, I was just thinking to God how nice it would be if my iPod would like play the "In Christ Alone" song (I only have one version, the newer one) before I would get off the bus. The thought lasted for about 5 seconds before it became 'to play the song before I got home' for another 5 seconds. Then it really quickly became 'let's not put God to the test', since I'm liable to get zapped from heaven or something. But somehow, it just felt different. I don't know why, but you know how sometimes you ask God to show you something, but it doesn't feel right? This time, I didn't get the bad vibes that usually accompany this sort of thought.

And about two stops before I got off, my iPod started playing that familiar drumbeat intro to 'In Christ Alone'. I swear I didn't pre-set it or anything, and the shuffle function was on. But it did start playing.

Which brings to mind this other incident that happened a while ago during LTP. During that session, we were all supposed to form up into our CGs, and discuss some aspects of our walk with God. And one thing that was quickly apparent was that across the board, God's answering of prayers was consistently 7 and above (out of 10), even while most of the 'I have been doing regular QT' levels were somewhere around 3.

And it only goes to show that God really is faithful.


Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've wanted to post about some stuff for a long while now, but I really was too lazy to log in and type out the whole thing.

First things first, have you seen the new rifle drill with our nice new weapon the SAR 21? You may have noticed it on National Day. Now don't get me wrong. I love that rifle. The scope makes it a lot easier to aim than the M16's iron sights. And the mostly fibreglass construction makes it easy to clean. And even though it's heavier, the fact that the handgrip is in the centre makes it easier for us Asians to fire the rifle one-handed, if the need ever arises. Plus, the fact that it is new = fresh from the manufacturing plant = anti-rust protection still there = less cleaning necessary.

But, the rifle is shorter. Which while making it excellent for the urban warfare we are expecting to have to handle, considering Singapore's cityscape, makes it also, a whole lot less elegant than the longer M16. And thus, for rifle drill and stuff, I still very much prefer the old rifle drill with the M16/AR15 rifles. It just looks a lot cooler. And the fact that the holding of the SAR 21 rifle in the 'at ease' position also looks pretty weird.

Anyway, enough about the new rifle drill. I'm just glad I didn't have to march with the SAR 21 on ceremonial.

I also got all my modules. I've got 3 History mods, and 1 Physics mod which I was supposed to do with R, but due to a mistake in calculation (that marks us FASS students), he couldn't get into the class. And also Japanese 3, which promises to be a whole lot harder than 2. (Duh...) Balloting is still pretty icky, even though I can't really say that Science's first-come-first-served style is any better, since I'm not exactly like the average Singaporean.

Oh and have you noticed that the phrase 'first-come-first-serve' is actually grammatically incorrect? It should at the very least be 'served', since it's a past participle something or other (Elang majors, a little help here?).

Then school started. Monday's are packed, while at the moment, the rest of the week is rather free. Though right now, the green tables are rather empty, with M and D overseas, and A starting work, so yeah... very lonely. Anyway, it was nice to meet all the VCF people again, since I haven't seen quite a lot of them since FOC, and several more since school ended, but well.

Oh and IFG welcome tea the Friday before went really well, but if you really want to know about Jesus feeding the 120++, please click here.

Yup. VCF welcome tea on Wednesday was pretty cool too. Got to meet a few new freshies, and really say hi to a few of the afore-mentioned senior VCF-ers. Oh and I crashed 2 lectures this week already, SE1101E with LJ, and PS 3 something something something with H and E. Which brings the number of lectures I crashed to a grand total of...


So anyway, on Friday (like yesterday), I went down to school early cos I didn't want to take the bus out myself, then I crashed the 8am PS lecture, and then I bummed around a bit, then went to meet P and JS who were bringing some Japanese students out for lunch. It was really nice to get to meet them, cos they were really nice people. But S1 had to go and settle his tuition fees, so I went with him when he went to pay. Then we had to rush down to City Hall, since it was already like 1.45 and yeah. Paid $10.70, which was a damn sight better than that stupid $8 fare I had to pay in this previous post. And the fellowship was great, even though the meal cost me another $17... bah... I really can't afford more of this.

Then, I went home. I had actually considered going back to school to crash the CSI class, but NUS is a little too far from my place, and at any rate, I was supposed to have to go over to Serangoon Gardens for CG retreat. So I just stayed at home and played a spot of Xbox with brother who had booked out earlier. Then dad nicely sent me out and I took bus 70, on which I met cousin I, who was going to meet her special friend for dinner (my potential cousin-in-law. he's a nice guy).

So anyway, I met the rest when I got on board 317, and we went in. Whereupon C and me put our arsonic tendencies to good use by starting the bbq. Just fyi, MZ likes his marshmallows like carbonized. We found out. Then after the short bbq session, we headed over to the nearby park to play captain's ball and frisbee, where the CSI people joined us.

Now let me tell you, playing captain's ball in poor visual conditions is not very healthy, considering I almost had my right eye put out by the ball. And very often, we were like scrabbling around for the ball on the ground, or like throwing it too hard at each other, or missing the frisbee etc.

So anyway, after we got all sweaty and icky, A said he had to leave soon, and Ch and S also had to go, so we took a break, and then KFC, Mark us had the CG sharing/visioning. And after a short time of prayer, we went over to Chomp Chomp for supper at about 0030.

So anyway, I had decided to go home, since K wasn't staying (we live quite near to each other) and R was willing to give us a lift to Yio Chu Kang road. And I was feeling really icky anyway, so yeah. After supper, R dropped me off along Yio Chu Kang road at around 0145.

Now I was happily thinking happy thoughts of how I would be able to shower and change out of my icky clothes and then maybe I'll check my mail before sleeping. And along the way, I was just like sort of like praying/conversing with God about stuff in my life, which not only made me feel even happier, but helped to make the walk in go faster.

So I happily reached the lift, and happily took it up to my apartment, and happily took out the keys from my bag, thanking God that I had a set of house keys (there are only like 3 sets), and as I happily walked out of the lift, and happily put the key into the front gate at 2 am, that I suddenly remembered my dad latches the door before he goes to sleep.

Sure enough, I could unlock the door, but thanks to the latch, there was no way I could get in.

The great thing was, that I didn't start to become depressed, or start to rail at God or anything, which I might have done. In fact, I almost started laughing at my predicament. I think God had given me the peace and calmness of heart sorta and so I was pretty ok. So I ended up sleeping outside my house, after sms-ing C to tell him of my predicament. I bet the whole bunch of them had a good laugh, and C was really nice, cos he like called back at like 0230 and said he was heading to his place in Hougang in a cab to grab some stuff, and would I like to meet him so that I would have a proper place to sleep. But I said it was ok, and pretty mafan anyway, so I just went to sleep on the floor. Which is actually pretty funny, when you come to think of it, since the two newspaper guys who came at like 0515 would have like thought I was some sort of illegal immigrant or something haha...

So yeah, at 6, I figured I could safely wake my father without him biting my head of, so I rang the doorbell, and he came to the frontdoor to find his firstborn son standing there barefoot, looking rather disheveled.

So anyway, that was my last couple of weeks.

Oh, and the FASS canteen is going to be renovated. AUGH! No more green tables! ARGH! Meet there for a few more times before the place gets demolished....


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Woke up really early today, cos I had to meet H and then we would go down to the airport to see M off, who is presently on his flight to the US for exchange at UNC. Did some pretty stupid things, like deciding to stay up and play xbox till 0130 in the morning, and then deciding that it would be better to sleep a bit. So I woke up at 0320, washed up, and then walked out to the main road, and due to the early morning hours, there is no bus, so I had to walk to the bus stop that is closer to the CTE. Then I realized I hadn't exactly timed myself very well, and I ended up waiting for about 40 mins, where I took this photo.

Just sorta playing around with the camera, used max shutter exposure and waited to take the cars that zoomed past. This one is sort of partially across the picture only, but I think it is one of the better ones, cos the colours come out quite nicely. Another one I got is all red, cos I was aiming to my left, while the third one I tried is like blue-ish white across the right half, and red across the left, but the colours aren't quite so bright. Oh and if you look closely, you'll actually be able to see the outline of the car.

Oh, did I forget to mention that earlier yesterday, I woke up early to meet E and pass her something? Cos that meant that I woke up at like 0530 the morning before, and went down to meet her. And while waiting for her, I was reading the Civil War by Julius, and I must admit, it isn't exactly the most entertaining of books, though it is readable enough. And then I met LJ in BTP (last time I went there was in '02 I think) and then sort of bummed around before meeting J, C and B to play squash, which left me with my muscles aching, and in a condition that should warrant more than 2 hours of sleep. Bah.

And finally, because LJ arrowed me to do this weird thing. (Reminiscent of what MS did to me awhile ago.)

1. I've only got one eyebrow. Like it's joined lah.
2. I've got scars only on the right side of me.
3. I like my sword.
4. I've been to Japan twice, but only once to the US (despite her being my homeland)
5. I've got one brother and one sister, and one father and one mother.
6. I don't drink.
7. I played hockey for my school before. Our win-loss ration was 1-5.

1. Losing my faith.
2. Losing my family, friends etc.
3. Losing something expensive, and having to explain to my dad how I lost it.
4. My dad. (sometimes)
5. Peering over the edge of a high building, and thinking about how it would feel to just jump over.
6. Doing it.
7. IPPT.

1. Why did she have to arrow me to do this?
2. Haha... I know one person I'm gonna arrow to do this.
3. Banana chips are nice.
4. I think my toe is infected.
5. I like my sword.
6. I just realized this whole exercise in narcissism focuses a lot on "I".
7. Thank you God for being my strength.

1. Yeah.
2. Erm, right.
3. OK
4. I can't eat that, I'm getting fat.
5. Yeah. A bit.
6. I dunno.
7. I think I can pass.

Meisi (haha, right back at you!) Ade Fam, Sulwyn, Brother Wong, Sister Wong, Matt, Yongling.

1. I may not like it when I realize something I've gotten is slightly damaged, but after that, I really like it. The glitch sort of gives it a uniqueness. Haha.
2. I am a messy person, but occasionally, I get struck by a cleaning bug, and I become obsessive about cleanliness.
3. I brush my teeth in the shower.
4. I like supporting underdog teams.
5. I know how to cook. A bit.
6. I really dislike people who block others from getting off the MRT, and I sometimes take great pleasure in walking directly into them.
7. I like lightsabers.



Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well, it's done. Pending confirmation from ICA and MINDEF, I'm American.

Was trying to see why I suddenly had an attachment to my Singaporean citizenship, and I think I know why. Essentially, for two and a half years of my life, that pink IC was one of the things that kept me going. (The others being weekends, the threat of DB, girls, my buddies inside, and well, just making sure I did a good job for God.) But I digress. So anyway, most of us guys 'suffer' for those 28 months, before we are finally reunited with that little piece of plastic when we ORD. And when we finally get it back, we gain a great deal of satisfaction, even though for me, the mug shot there is of a significantly chubbier me (which certain people remember me by, but I digress again.)

So that's it. I didn't like the idea of giving up that pink card. You can actually see how much I managed to change through army here:

Now, just in case you are a total sot, the picture on the left is me in my university matriculation card, which, though I know is no Brad Pitt, is significantly better than the one on the right, which is what is on my IC, lately of my possession. And A didn't recognize me until she saw my IC photo.

So anyway, I went down to ICA on Thursday to give up my citizenship. My parents said the guy at the counter seemed rather cold when I went there and told him I was renouncing. And personally, I wouldn't blame him, since most of the people who came and saw him about renunciation (please note the spelling, it's not renounciation, much as pronunciation and denunciation are the correct spellings) are the guys who are trying to escape NS (like a certain pianist who deserved a whole lot more than a measly $3000 fine). But anyway, he said I needed to clear with MINDEF. And I gave him a 'huh?' look and asked why. And he asked if I had done NS. So of course I told him that I had.

This of course changed everything, and he started talking normally. (You must realize, however, that this is what my parents said they noticed. I can be very dense when it comes to certain things.) And then when it came to the question "Why are you choosing to emigrate?" in the checksheet, all the reasons there were not exactly positive. Things like "The cost of living in Singapore is too high" (which is one of the milder ones) and "Singapore is too rigid" (Wonder what they're referring to. Go figure.) So I ticked "Others". Reason filled in was "Because I can't keep dual citizenship", which is totally true.

So that was that. I met the lady who was dunno some registrar of oath or something like that, and essentially, she watched me sign the document, and far from what I imagined, I did not need to say an oath or anything.

So that's that. I'll be an American foreign student. How appropriate that I'm in the VCF's International Friendship Group.

And God has been gracious in that the people at NUS are helping me, so that hopefully, I can apply for the Foreign Student's Grant before the application closes. God has always shown me His mercy and grace, and I find it sad that I've not really been able to live a life that's pleasing to Him. Bother the fact that I'm a fallen being.

OK. But I'm just glad God's with me.


Thursday, July 13, 2006


I thought I had a big decision to make when I had to choose between majoring in History or English. (I chose History, by the way).

But now I have an even bigger decision to make: Should I keep my American citizenship, and become a Singapore PR, or should I just keep the Singapore citizenship?

It's like, for quite a while, I could keep on joking about being American and having Singapore citizenship and stuff, and it was so easy to say I would like to be American with Singapore PR. But now that I actually have to make the choice, it's not quite so funny anymore...

If I take my American citizenship, I will retain the rights of an American. I will not require a green card to go and work in the USA, and I can sponsor people to have US citizenship as well. As a PR in Singapore, it's still not so bad, since I will lose out mainly in the elections part, and in buying HDB flats. Which basically means that as long as I marry a Singaporean girl, the HDB thingy shouldn't be too much a problem. But but but, in all probability, I will lose my status as an officer of the SAF, which, while may not be anythign really big, is still, to a certain degree, a source of pride for me.

If I keep my Singaporean citizenship, I will gain the rights of the Singaporean. Adminstratively, it will be a whole lot easier for me, and my uni tuition fees and stuff will all be easily settled. I will be able to travel relatively safer on planes, and I probably have more chance of entering into Afghanistan (not that I'll go there in the near future, or the future, for that matter). But but but... I would be turning my back on my homeland. While I may have lived there for only the first two years of my life, I still feel a connection to the US.

My homeland, or the land I've lived in.

They both mean a lot to me. But I will need to give one up.

Which one?

Friday, July 07, 2006


Long time since I wrote. So I will be lorsor and talk abit on some of the stuff I've been doing.

Well, first would be the Youth Day worship stuff. Cos this time round I was playing bass guitar, and it did take up quite a bit of time... ok well, definitely more than a Yachad practice, since we had like 3 big practices. And I found out the new best way of getting bass riffs. Used to be I would plug in my iPod to my dad's speaker system in the study room, since that one has a sub-woofer. But it takes quite a bit of straining to listed to the bass lines, since the speakers are really good quality ones. But the new best way, is to disconnect the two speakers, so there's only the sub-woofer to listen to. So although it sounds kinda muffled, it is alot better, cos I don't have to try to cut through the rest of the music.

So anyway, I managed to get most of Let Creation Sing, and Evermore. And I had to go and modify a couple other songs a bit. As in like modify it so that I can play the songs with my lower order skills. But the worship services were really good. And I'm glad that I put in all that effort, cos it's not right to give God sub-standard work. And the Open Sunday after that was really good too. As in like it was well-planned, and the games were fun. And we had refreshments. Heh.

Next major event was the prep for the VCF FOC and the IFG vid. Which was on Monday. So I headed down to school, and we had a short briefing, and I met my OGL I, before PP had to grab me and JS to go and do the vid. While there, we had lotsa fun laughing at each other, esp since JS looked like a psycho in her video, where she was acting as a student from India. They wanted me to do the Japanese bit, since I can speak a little Japanese, tho JS thought I could have sounded like an Irishman if I wanted to. However, since I definitely look more like a Japanese than Irish, it was pretty much vetoed.

Then there was FOC proper. To be frightfully honest, I wasn't that keen when I woke up at like 0545 in the morning. I really wished I hadn't signed up for the camp. But well. Went down and met I at Clementi macs, where we picked up A. Then we went to school and met the rest of the group. Who were really fun. There were ice-breakers, and then the faculty orientation, where I met JS sister who looks like N. Haha. Anyway, we showed them green tables, and then wandered around campus. Me and D. With GS and LJ. Yeah. D and LJ were in my group anyway.

After that was the exodus to SU campsite at Sentosa. We went on a shopping spree in the co-op before we left. Oh and the weather was really hot. Like burning kinda hot. Like I-will-sweat-even-though-I'm-standing-still-in-the-shade sort of hot. yeap. But we made it there without any casualties, and then had theme talks by E from Covenant.

Oh must tell of the good news. Cos WEFC youth leaders' retreat was there, and well, the SU building is still the same lah, but the Palawan Beach has been renovated. Yeah, I know. A renovated beach, such a novel concept. But the toilets there are like really nice now. It's open (not flashing kinda open lah. You get what I mean), and it's clean, and the showers are like mist-sprayers, so you get water coming out in a big mist cloud. If you don't know what I'm talking about, one day you just go there lah. And the restaurants and 7-11 building has been landscaped into something really good. But ok.

So yeah. The games, esp Lost? was really well-planned. And we had fun running all over the place, even though as I have said over and over again, the primary objective of Group Solomon was to get to Ben & Jerry's and eat ice cream. Which we managed to do. I was so happy to be able to get Chunky Monkey... But anyway.

The theme talks were really good. E is a really engaging speaker, cos I managed to stay awake even when I was sleepy. And he was talking about being witnesses on campus, and about how we need to walk our talk, and how to stay away from evil, and about how we need to have initiative to reach out. And I felt it was applicable, even though I'm pretty certain it'll be a challenge for most people (inc me).

Then we had finale night where we had to do an act based on the movie The Matrix and the concept of humility. So we had quite a lot of characters. Like...

Bunny girl and the Dean of arts! (I'm pretty sure you can tell which one is which)

And Trinity! (The one in the center at the back) And fyi, this is half of Group Solomon. The other half is sitting on the floor, taking the picture, or had to go home.

Well, that's about it. We broke camp earlier today, and we left for Harbourfront to eat lunch, and ice cream (a pity we couldn't get B&Js, but NZ natural isn't too shoddy), before heading home, where I got to speak to Db cos she's one of the quieter members of the group.

Oh and what's this? I have to really wonder...

What in blazes is the Power of Bun?! Can someone please explain to me?

Yup. Now I think I need to go and sleep. I took a nap at about 4 and woke at 1940 so I didn't go for the JPM, though I did have a small spot of P&W and QT just now.

I'm just glad everything is in God's hands. And that He's sovereign. And I'm also grateful for the blessings He provided for the camp, and for the friends I've made. I kinda miss them already, as in like the fellowship that is everywhere, cos at home, there aren't quite that many people. Though I don't miss the lack of air-con in the un-ventilated bunk at SU.

OK bye.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Just returned from the VCF IFG planning retreat that was held in church. So I'm kinda bummed. And if I start losing coherence along the way, please be understanding.

It was mostly ok. The fellowship with each other was great, whether it was between old people, or new people, or the staff workers. And we all played a bit of floorball, even though A got hit in the face by a stick and broke his glasses. But he was ok, and he still played after that anyway.

To be frightfully honest, when I joined IFG, I was expecting it to be like SF, as in like there's the Exco, but there's also a large bunch of members who would be like forming the bulk of the SF community. Which was why when AF asked me to join IFG, and kept on pointing out that I could help JS in her ideas to start a Japanese outreach group, I didn't mind joining, since I thought I could just play some minor supporting role for JS. Then JS pointed out during the camp that it appeared that we all joined the Exco for IFG. I guess I had gotten so carried along with the whole planning thing that I didn't realize that was what we were doing. And it wasn't exactly why I joined IFG. Or at least, I was given the impression that if I joined IFG, I didn't have to be doing like something major, since as it is, I am already committed to Youth and Worship min in church, along with BB for SAS, and then I am a student too. And as it is, I'm barely surviving, much less take up a major role in a VCF sub-comm. Of course, now that I've committed, if C really needs the help, I'll do the work. But I might, like, drop to a 2.50 or something.

But C and S were really nice about it, and said that since some of us had gotten the wrong idea, then could we all just please go back and pray about it and see if we are able to take up any of the major roles, and if not, it'll be ok.

So anyway, that was two nights where I slept late. You should see what the few of us who stayed behind were doing.

Yes. This is P and G playing tic-tac-toe on a tub of Rocky Road ice-cream that X bought for us to eat, but we were too full to eat it straight after dinner, and so some of us ate it later.

Oh, and I can tell of the $0.50 prank I played on JS.

As some of us know, due to a bad encounter with a certain lady who is uncertain about the goods she sells, JS has a particular aversion to tao sa paos (red bean paste buns). However, she loves lin yong paos (lotus seed paste buns). So one morning, when me and C went behind church to eat breakfast, C called JS to see if she wanted to eat anything. And JS said she wanted a lin yong pao. This is where the fun started.

I know JS does not like tao sa pao. I know she likes lin yong pao. And she likes milo. So I bought a tao sa pao, a lin yong pao, and a packet of milo. Then we brought it back to JS. Of course, I took out the lin yong pao, and hid it away first, then I passed the milo and tao sa pao to JS.

Me: Hey, we got you a packet of milo to drink with your pao.
JS: Oh! Thanks so much.
*Opens paper bag with pao*
JS: Wow. The pao looks so nice!
Me: *Desperately tries not to giggle.
JS: *pulls of a piece of pao, gives it a strange look, and takes a sniff* Hey, is this...? *takes a bite* HEY! THIS IS A TAO SA PAO!!!
Me: *bursts out laughing*
JS: YOU'RE TERRIBLE!!! YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE TAO SA PAO!!! *looks miserably at the tao sa pao and contemplates eating it*
Me: Well, good thing I bought you a lin yong pao too. *gives JS lin yong pao*
JS: TERRIBLE!!! *glares at me*

It's the $0.50 prank cos the tao sa pao only costs $0.50. And for your info, I ate the rest of the tao sa pao, and then felt sick afterward.

Oh, and I went to the airport to meet M's MEET team. I was holding M's phone, cos that time when he left, he forgot to give it to his mum when she left, so he left it with me. So I went to pass it to him. And say hi to the team as well, who all had to some degree or another, had a case of the sniffles, as in like, flu sniffles, not sentimental sniffles. Ya well.

There. That wasn't too hard now, was it. I don't even think I coherent lost sleepy arglebargle $&1...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm happy.

This is because, today, I managed to improve on floorball. Maybe it was just my good day, but I'm still happy.

I scored 3 this time. And two were nice long shots that somehow managed to get into the back of the net. And I managed to save a few shots while goaltending too. Whee!

I introduced sister to floorball. She's got a knack for tackling. Many people today realized it wasn't easy to get past her, after she knocked the ball out from their sticks. Haha.

And then I had to rush down to SAS for a BB meeting. But it was pretty cool.

And brother POP-ed today. Yay. Now we can play xbox together. Woot!


Monday, June 05, 2006


Got this from MS's blog.

You Are Iceman

You tried to live a normal life, but it just wasn't possible
A bit of a slacker, you rather tell jokes than cultivate your powers

Powers: turning self and others into ice, making ice weapons, becoming nearly invisible

That's like how cool.... haha... yes yes, I know, bad joke... but Iceman... maybe that's why sometimes you all can't tell what I'm thinking. That's provided I'm actually thinking in the first place lah...

On another note, I just sort of returned from Global Day of Prayer, which was pretty cool, even though it was pretty warm. Aiya. You get what I mean. Even though I was expecting more individual prayer time, and less worship, because today's one seemed more like an FOP than a prayer meeting. But it was still cool. And the worship was pretty powerful. F was especially happy with the bass, with the 'multiple sub-woofers'. So here's a pic of the stage. It's not very good, since I'm only an amateur photographer at best (i.e. no tripod) and my Canon Ixus has only 3x zoom. But well.

Oh, just fyi, we were at the National Stadium. Where I got this. Quite spur of the moment thingy.

Just to note that these were bad examples, since during the prayer session, we prayed that we would not allow distractions to get between us and God... Really didn't take me long to forget what I prayed about... really bad...

And finally, on a totally unrelated side note, this is E and J. J is very happy, because E just bought for him the can of Seasons' chrysanthemum tea, which E has apparently never done for J before. So J got a big kick out of making a big deal about it.


Friday, June 02, 2006


I'M WEAK!!!!!!

Today, I went to church to play floorball, and I couldn't play properly. It just felt wrong, and I couldn't handle the stick or the ball properly, and I couldn't pass properly, and I couldn't drive to the goal properly, and I couldn't receive passes properly and I couldn't goal tend properly, and... well, you get the idea.

And I scored only once! Bah. Not that I score very often, since I prefer playing defensively, but still...

Bleah. I need to play more. Maybe it's cos I haven't played floorball for over a month.

Or maybe it's cos I'm just getting old...


Monday, May 29, 2006


I feel irritated.

This is primarily due to the fact that I've got come down with some sort of bug that gives me stomach spasms and gastronomical gases. Which is very irritating, since I'm actually in my most comfortable position when I am in a sort of half-bow. It's not fun to try to keep yourself upright so as not to look like a sot.

Plus, the afore-mentioned gastronomical gases have actually given me something that resembles a small beer gut. Which is irritating, since I actually have abstained from alcohol since September 2003. Didn't really take alot to convince me of course. I'm not exactly fond of beer. And I don't know how people can sip wine and say it's good when sparkling grape juice tastes so much better. But that's besides the point. At any rate, I can be thankful that most of the time, the gastronomical gases (this is so hard to keep on typing. I think I shall just call in GG.) have usually manifested themselves in the form of burps, which while highly impolite, is still a damn sight better than if it came out from my bottom. (Alright... damn smell better, though not by much.)

What is also irritating is that on the bus from Tampines to church earlier on, I also felt like puking. Cos I was trying to alleviate my suffering by trying to force myself to burp (I was discreet and polite, so no one was offended. I think.). Anyway, that started to make me feel like I wanted to release my lunch all over the floor. And every bump the bus went over made it worse, since the bus doesn't exactly have excellent suspension systems. Thankfully, I had just purchased Cowboy Bebop and so I hurriedly grabbed the plastic bag and put it in my pocket, after asking God to help me hold in the lunch till I at least managed to get to church, which He did.

What is more irritating is that the GG and SS (stomach spasms, not social studies, or SchutzStaffel or Segregated Socialists or whatever else you can come up with) turned me into an almost total wimp, as the peeps in church can testify to. The last time I was this sick was when I went to Starlight in 2003. And for the 3 hours that I was in church, essentially all I did was to sort of loll around, usually with my head on the blue circular table outside the kitchen where S and L were doing work.

Here I must mention that I'm really grateful for all the people in church who tried to make me feel better, like F and S who were talking to me, and Y who tried to comfort me, and J who thought I might have gastric and told me to drink milk, and Su, JN, V and L who screamed at me not to drink the milk, but almost gave me a heart attack in the process, and R, D and A who just asked if I was feeling better. Really grateful. But I guess I seemed like an ingrate earlier on, since I was in a sort of stupor most of the time. haha.

But, the most irritating thing, is that I'M NOW AT HOME TYPING OUT THIS ENTRY AFTER HAVING SEEN THE DOCTOR, WHEN I COULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING X-MEN 3!!! Bleah. Plus, the doc told me that I shouldn't eat oily or fried food. Where's the fun in that?

On a side note that is totally unrelated, look what I managed to get in Woodlands yesterday evening.

Cool, yes? We were going to Yew Tee to eat dinner and celebrate Y's birthday.


Saturday, May 27, 2006


I find something most peculiar.

When the Philippines MEET team left, it was like, "OK. They've left.", even though both A and Al are in the team, and I know them reasonably well.

But when the Thailand MEET team left, it was like something went missing, which is rather curious, considering that it is now school holidays (means I don't see them on a regular basis anymore), and of the four of them, M doesn't have MSN, I usually don't talk with H, P is usually offline, and in the end, D is usually the only one I talk to. But it's like something's gone.


I can't imagine what's going to happen during church retreat when half of my friends go to Batam. But then again, that's just for 4 days, not 4 weeks.


In other news, I have received information from a highly reliable source that I helped MS avert a Suaku Situation. Haha... But she said it's because she spent her time on better things. Well, that's gratitude for you. hahaha...


Thursday, May 25, 2006


I guess I have been rather slow in talking about going to Japan.

Well, to start of, it was early. Like I didn't sleep the night before we left, cos I hadn't packed my bag, and by the time I was done, it was late enough that I didn't see any value in sleeping anymore. Got to the airport, and then had a spot of a problem. First, was that our check in luggage was too heavy. (Not me, because I actually carried a fullpack onto the plane itself, but what with all the extra stuff we needed to bring...) And then, J realized that there might be a problem, as she was Malaysian, and she didn't know she needed a visa to go to Japan.

So we cleared Singapore, and we got onto the Northwest flight. I had gotten some pretty bad reviews about NWA from my friends, like how they said that there was only a single tv screen per cabin, and it didn't work, and how the food made army food taste good... but surprise surprise, it was actually very much like SIA. Maybe cos this was their Airbus A30 or something, maybe new plane? I dunno. So here's a couple of pictures.

This here is the tv.

And this is my breakfast. Looks very SIA-ish, doesn't it?

So anyway, me, J and M touched down at Narita, and then the real problem started. Me and M ended up waiting a couple of hours for J to clear the Japanese immigration, but by the grace of God, they gave her a 90-day visa after Uncle L spoke with the officials. Then we took the train to Nippori, transferred to the JT Yamanote Line, took to Ikebukuro, and then transferred onto the Seibu-Ikebukuro line to reach Tokorozawa. Got there in time for the youth church that is held on Friday nights.

Anyway, can't really remember a lot of details. And when I do, it wouldn't quite be feasible to put it up, cos there's way too much, so I'll just talk of a few instances.

God was really very gracious throughout the trip. He always provided for us, whether through the study of His word, or the people who were there. The people at the youth church were a great help, since I am argubly the most fluent in Japanese in the team (I'm not being arrogant. It's a fact. Haha.), and I cannot even hold a simple question and answer dialogue with anyone. Oh, and just in case you do know rudimentary Japanese, and think that's enough, you can forget about it. You talk to them in that little bit of Japanese that you know, and they automatically think that you are really a fluent speaker, so they blurb back everything to you in normal speed Japanese, which is really rather fast, and you probably won't understand.

But anyway, God showed His mercy, when Uncle L left his laptop bag outside the house, and we went to Saitama, at Urawa station. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there, and then he realized he left it outside the house. S said he would go back and help him take it, so he drove back while we went to another karaoke place. And then about 2 hours later, he messaged back that he found the bag with laptop.

Oh and the karaoke place just mentioned, they've got this drinks station.

What's so cool about it? Well, there's hot drinks, and cold drinks, and ice cream, and soup. And it's free flow.

Yup. We got to meet new people, mainly through the Saitama International Fair thing, but also through the English classes at Waseda Uni, and also through the youth church.

Finally, I shall show the only sunset shot I managed to acquire. It was at the bridge near Uncle L's place.

Tada. Pretty nice huh.

Yeah. The night before we left, we went to onsen, which is really great, and then while outside Tokorozawa Station, the people from the youth church and the team stood in a circle and prayed. And it was really great.

Then we left, and I waited 3 hours till A and Al left for the Philippines with their MEET team, and I had to take a cab over from Terminal 1 to the Budget Terminal and it cost me close to 8 bucks, which coincidentally, is actually more expensive per km than my flight from Narita. I calculated wrongly last round at M's blog, but now I realize that the cab fare (@!&^$#) was going at $2.63 per km, but my flight cost only $0.07 per km!! Rip-off!

Ah well.


Thursday, April 27, 2006


Exams ended for me today at 3. It was really fast.

It was great studying with the rest of the people in school, like last time. Really made studying kinda fun.

Now prepping to head off to Japan. And I'm not packed too.

So long.

Free. That's me.


Thursday, April 20, 2006


*runs around wildly, waving hands in the air, in a generally insane manner.*
*runs into wall and collapses*

So there we have it.
Start of exams: T - 10hrs.

"Je vous ai compris!" - Charles de Gaulle.
He probably felt like how I'm feeling now. Just that I think his problem was on a slightly larger scale than mine...

Oh, and there'll be a documentary being shot tomorrow by the well-known local film-makers W&D.

Start of filming: T - 9hrs.

*knocks self out to preserve what little sanity remains*


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I have officially reached the next stage in muggerism: I have heard the music that is played when the Central Library closes...

The next rank would be when I can memorize the tunes and hum along to it.



Monday, April 17, 2006


Hooray. It's that time of the semester again, where we all get to meet each other in the library, very often through bleary eyes that have just attempted to make sense of the little scribbles in our notepads, with the disheveled appearance of one who has just woken up from the state of unconsciousness in the chairs...

YES! It's exam season! Great isn't it? Just as Major League Baseball kicks off in the USA, so does exam fever hit all NUS students. Where you'll get the opportunity to see people doing such sports as weight-lifting (involving notes, books, and the occasional laptop), endurance studying (where students do all they can to keep awake, such as eating candies, talking to friends, or drinking coffee or Red Bull, which someone once told me was more Bull pee than anything), and the conference room dash (which I personally find highly amusing, and rather un-glam).

At any rate, I must admit that so far, the stress hasn't started to affect me yet. Most probably, it was due to the fact that my history simulations were both held just last Thursday. Thanks to God for seeing me through that last week (esp since I also had my LAJ Oral Test Thursday morning), and also to all those who had to bear with me as being part of their group.

JMT prep is also going pretty ok. Apart from the fact that since me and C are both going to be having exams, M has to handle a lot of the logistics work. But so far, she's handling it ok, which is really great. Now if I can only just learn how to cook my things properly... If not, there's always bread and water. hahaha... that's what happens when you get me as the Food I/C. Frugality people! heh. kidding. I won't be able to tahan that myself, unless absolutely necessary...

I also just realized I won't get to see some people for a long time. E left a couple of weeks back for Starlight, and he'll only be back when I've left. Same for J. He's going army Friday, which coincidentally, is the same day that my exams start. Haha... You should have seen his face when we gave him the army men to command.... And I also will only be able to see brother after I get back, since he'll be on field camp this coming weekend, learning to survive on his BRAND NEW FIELD RATIONS WHICH INCLUDES RIBENA, CANNED MILO AND M&MS!!!!!!! AUGH!!!! Since when has army food become so good?!?!? Maybe it's got to do with the elections... hahahaha...

But anyway, even as the tests approach on the horizon, I think it's still important that we always dedicate ourselves to God first, and give Him the glory. That is the only way to live. Doesn't matter if you have a little less time to study, we should still stop to praise and honour our Lord for what He has done. It's not for the blessings that we will receive. It's for the events that unfolded over the Easter weekend. And as a positive externality (bother my Econs training and genetics), we will be blessed in our walk with Him.

On other notes, I finally got the opportunity to go for CG on Thursday. Even though it wasn't a true CG, and I was late, and had to walk for 20 mins from Arts canteen to the Maccers along West Coast. But it was nice to be able to join back for awhile. And MS gave us her project to do. Which involved us filling up little cutesy pieces of paper with encouragement for other people in the CG. And the paper came from her personal stack which she had bought in secondary school or something, but had never used... I wonder why she never used it. And no, I haven't forgotten the psych mind-meddling either... haha...

Ya well, can't really think of anything else right now. Maybe when the stress finally hits me, I'll be able to write another entry, ranting in an unintelligible, senseless, totally un-co-ordinated manner... but till then,


P.S. H, all the best for your paper tmr, in the event that you actually ever reach this site.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Recently there was the case of the Afghan convert to Christianity who was on trial in Afghanistan. And well, for me, that was the first time I came so directly into contact with persecution of Christians. I mean, I've heard of cases in the past, like in the Roman Empire, or behind the Iron Curtain, but that was in the past, and this was really quite a shocker to me that such persecution could still take place.

And I must really commend this man. He is one who was really ready to take up the cross of Christ. He would've died a martyr. As it is, I think the latest news is that the Afghan court is bowing to foreign pressure, and will be dropping the case against him. But even then, he has already made a statement of his faith that speaks louder than words could ever hope to do.

And if by his actions, he manages to strengthen the faith of others, and make other people think of the sincerity of their professed faith, then I feel that he has managed to do God's work very well here on earth already.

It really made me wonder. Is my faith going to be as strong as his when I'm facing death? I am ashamed to say that when I saw the way he could have escaped the death sentence, by renouncing Christianity, and embracing Islam, I actually immediately thought that he should take that path. And it really showed me how world-like my mindset could become. And that truly frightened me.

I hope that he will remain a rally point for us. That we'll remain true to Christ who died for us 2000 years ago, so that even if are facing death, we'll remember first, that Christ had already paid our price with His life, and second, that our life here on earth is nothing compared to what awaits us after death.

Keep the faith, my brothers.

Monday, March 13, 2006


It's been awhile. I guess. Been a little caught up in stuff, most notably an essay at which I have spent more time stoning at then doing, and a BB camp just last weekend.

Brother went to army last Thursday. He went to Taurus company in BMT, but apparently, the place has mellowed a lot since my time, the lucky sot... heh... he seems to be coping well at any rate.

And the BB camp was a little tough. Cos I've been waking up early and sleeping late for the past few days, and so I really wanted to sleep in late in the weekend, but needed to go and help S out. So once again, I woke up early, and headed down, and there, I spent the time helping out set up obstacles. And there, I discovered two things: 1) I can still do the low rope. At least my technique's still there. And 2) I really should warm up before I do such strenuous activities, because as of now, I have sore hands, sore arms, and strained stomach muscles, so that everytime I cough, or sneeze, or try to sit up while lying down, I feel a little uncomfortable, to put it mildly. And then there was the night hike, but that wasn't quite so bad.

Anyway, I've gotten back two of my mid-term stuff. And my grades are definitely throught the grace of God. My English mod I got 67%, which is really quite good, since C told me apparently the highest is only just over 70%. I certainly didn't expect that, as my technical abilities in English certainly aren't there. And my History essay received an A-. Which is really only because God gave it to me. I mean, how else can an essay with no references and bibliography get an A-? (Honestly, I didn't refer to any books, but it's always good to have had done so).

And on Thurs morning (I think), A showed me his book that said something like, "Have you noticed how so many songs talk about praising God, but they don't actually praise God?" And I found that quite thought-provoking. Cos it's quite true, isn't it?

Anyway, today, I ended school at around 6, and then quickly ran up to Woodlands to pass my hockey gear to L, cos she hadn't bought her stuff yet. So just as I reached the bus interchange, the 912 bus that goes to her place pulled into the bay, so I thought: " Thanks God, for setting it up so nicely." Then I went over to her place and left the stuff outside, and then went back to catch a 912 back to the interchange. Well, as anyone who's ever been to that place before, you'll realize that when you need the 912 to come, it won't come. So anyway, the bus came like after I was waiting there for like 15 mins. Oh, and did I forget to mention that out of the goodness of their hearts, my parents were at that moment waiting at YCK station to give me a lift home. So when the bus finally came, and I was on my way back, my parents said they were going home first. I mean, by that time, it was 7.45, and they had postponed their dinner for one and a half hours already, and they had ice-cream in the boot.

That was when I lost my cool. I mean, outwardly, I was still quite composed, but inside, I was seething. Not at my parents, not at the bus system, not at me, but at that very moment, all I really wanted to do was to go and scream out some curses. Which is really quite strange, as I didn't even feel this kind of urge while in army, which is a decidedly more vulgar place than anywhere else in Singapore.

And it took a while to cool down, during which I realized I would probably have to go for the BB enrolment service, and that I would have to go and do my essay, which just upped my upset factor by a degree of about 2.5. So I told Ag about it, cos I was supposed to do BS this week, and she told me to arrange with Jie, but I thought she didn't understand my question. Must've been the heat of the moment lah, so if you felt that I was snapping at you, you wouldn't be far wrong, but I'm sorry I did it.

And that brought me back to Ag's BS on Sunday. In my thoughts, was I building up my spiritual account with God? I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm back to normal (about as normal as I can get) and just trying hard to stay awake, cos of this entry, and I will really need to continue that afore-mentioned 1000 word essay of which I have only about 200, and of which I will probably revise and change. Bleah.


Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sometimes, I just feel so lonely. Not in the 'abandoned by God' sense, as I know He's always there. But more like isolated. And it becomes so much worse when you are with company, but not WITH company...

Why do I feel lonely?


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


After Kairos, had a spot of talk with S. Discussed some CG issues, most of which I'll need to iron out with A soon. First thing he said that made me think a bit, was that I was hard to read. Which I found a little strange, since I always thought that I wasn't exactly proficient in hiding my thoughts. Well, apparently I've been doing a good job of that. Must mean I could be good at playing poker, if I played poker. Perhaps because I once prayed to have a heart of steel so that no one could hurt me. If that was true, all I managed to achieve was to make sure people didn't see they had hurt me. Which I guess, would be about 50% accomplished, if you were happy with that sort of objective.

Anyway, he said he sensed some tension-ish vibes between the me and A, and for quite a while too. While I'll admit that recently, I've gone into a rather melancholic mood, meaning that I have gotten somewhat depressed, which in turn makes me a little bad-tempered, which may have been why maybe today I was a little curt with A, but I thought we had cleared up that little mess last year. S didn't quite feel the same way though. And he has got a point. Not about clearing up the mess. More about how well I knew A. Which is why I may have to go and have another talk with A.

One other thing he pointed out was that we may have been focusing on what we lost, and not what he have. Kinda like that half-empty/half-full cup thingy? And he did have a point there.

On another side, there's this thing going on about how NUS students should wear black on 15th Feb to protest the increase in school fees. Which I found rather amusing. Don't get me wrong, I too dislike the fact that they've raised the school fees. By $180 for me. It's just that wearing black thing. It's like, a really lame excuse of a protest man. I mean seriously, if we wanted to protest, we should form a strike and have placards and that sort of thing. I mean, what kind of a protest works by wearing black?! Not to mention, as E told me just now, on any given day, half the school populace would ALREADY be in black. I really find it rather amusing.

And on another totally unrelated note, I had a spammer who posted on my previous post. The one below. Yeah. I mean, having a spammer is bad enough. You might have noticed a couple of adverts that appeared in some of my other posts. But this one really got on my nerves. Because of what the advert was on.

So you stupid moron, if you ever come back to this site, I've got this to say to you:


Yeah. You better damn well repent, or face the wrath of God come eternity.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Amber diffuses,
Slanted rays, casts fields of grey;
Evening beckons.

How's that? I must admit that in my Lit course in school, I find Haiku the most fascinating and appealing of poetic forms so far. Well, apart from Limericks, that is. The interesting thing is, both forms are considered 'low' or 'commoner' type of poems. Wonder what that means...

Chaos is my name.
Disorder within order,
Universal rules.

A real pity we don't get to do Limericks. They're generally funny ones. Though I have also heard that they are also usually vulgar. Maybe that's why we aren't doing them. Haha.. I have tried coming up with some, but right now, I think only E and M have been the subjects of that. And the band has probably seen the one on M.

Bright Son of Heaven
Struck down, they lifted You high,
Salvation is here.


Sunday, January 29, 2006


Somehow, when I was younger, sin didn't seem quite so frightening as I see it now. OK. Wait, let's see. I dimly recall in the far past, I was absolutely terrified of sin, cos of what the bible said. So when I saw in a map an area called the 'Desert of Sin', I thought that was the most evil place on earth or something. (Actually, I think it stands for the Desert of Sinai, if I'm not wrong)

So anyway, that was it. But after a while, sin didn't seem quite so scary. I mean, I did tell the occasional lie, and I did have some rather dark and nasty thoughts, but overall, it didn't seem so powerful. I felt that I could just walk away whenever I wanted to. And I sort of lost that fear of sin that I used to have. I mean, we have victory through Christ our Lord, but that doesn't mean we should stop being wary of what the devil can do.

And I guess it took a really hooking kind of sin that smashed me back into reality. For different people, certain sins are easier to let go than others. And unfortunately for me, I managed to discover some of the sins that I have trouble letting go of. This really brings to mind a verse:

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Epehesians 6:12

Physical enemies are going to be the least of our worries as Christians. I mean, it's relatively easier to have to fight a physical opponent. Even though the schmuck may be bigger, stronger, faster etc. than you, at least you know how to hit him. With intangible enemies, it's a whole different ball game. And when the sin is hooked in you, it becomes a whole lot harder to struggle against it.

Sin totally embodies the Chinese 4-word chen2 yu3 "de2 cun4 jing4 chi3". Which essentially means that if you give it an inch, it'll take a yard. See 1 Peter 5:8. one show of weakness, and it'll hammer you good. There's no way you can escape from it if you keep on giving in to your desires. But to say no to them, now that is damned hard. And I should know. I've had to fight. And I must admit, more often than not, my "fight" gives the term "push back" a bad name. Yeah, my win-loss percentage would probably be worst than that of the Toronto Raptors this season.

How am I to extraciate myself out of this mess? Answer is as simple as it is cliched.


Oh yes, I know it's hard. But that's the only way out of the mire of sin and back onto the straight and narrow. And that means I'll need to put up one heck of a fight more if I wish to remain true to the faith. I don't want to have "the sinful mind" in Romans 8:7, since that would make us emenies with God, as discussed on Thursday cell.

See 1 Corinthians 10:13. "No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it." That shows that there's always a way out somewhere. It's whether we want to take it or not. We are only prisoners of our own sins as long as we want to remain prisoners.

And finally, one of my favourtie comforting phrases: Matthew 28:20b. He's always with us.

Alright. Happy Chinese New Year everyone.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006



English or History?!

History or English?!

Interest or Marketability?!


On a brighter note, I got my tutorial slots. All quite neatly set up. Thanks be to God. So I got 1 free day (Wed) and 1 rather tiring day (Tues), but overall, it's pretty cool. haha...

Went for half an FT today. Wanted to stay for the other half as well, but duty called, and I had to go to Bishan for BB meeting...

But English or History?!

I did survive my first tough day. Like, today. OK. So it was yesterday. Gimme a break. And I gave JS her budgie thingummy. She almost flipped. hahaha...

History or English?!



Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ah... first of the new year... been awhile... haha... I've really been one heck of a lazy bum...

What have I been up to again? Erm... well, nothing much really. Prior to the new year, we went over to E's place one Saturday evening cos he had just been released from the evil clutches of SoL in Jurong Camp. So Me and A and R and J went over and ate pizza and listened to Click Five and watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

On New Year's Day, had ArkRoyal, plus our alumni over for dinner. Some gaming followed, but quite alot of them were pretty zoned out. So in the end, there was only J. And then F came over cos brother invited. And we played abit. But brother zoned out real quick, and I soon followed. According to F and J, when they asked me questions, I responded in gibberish. hahaha...

The following week, I played badminton once with C, R and E. And also floorball twice. And I got a muscle ache.

I've bidded for and gotten the modules of my choice, all thanks to God who's been exceedingly gracious to me.

I started school just last Monday. Then went to SML cafe for dinner and meets with A and PJ and Fr. Tuesday was the PRC afterglow, pretty ok, just that there was quite a bit of rain. And then I had to bring S over to SML cos she said she couldn't find it. haha. But it's cool, since she does know Fr and WX.

Wed I went to watch Narnia. With MS and Ry and E and Mt. I tell you, that is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Bleah to the critics who said it couldnt' compare with LOTR. It's different you schmucks. And it also manages to join the ranks of movies that almost made me cry, along with Bambi (when his mother was killed by the hunters lah) and the Last Samurai. I mean, when the evil creatures were mocking Aslan, he could have just like killed every one of them, but he was focused on the mission. And in case you're really one of those super dense people, here's the connection. Aslan = Christ. Like died for us. You know, John 3:16.

Thursday was VCF. Intro. There's the new Thursday cell under Ad. It's unofficial name is Kabage. Not sure if it's gonna become official. And had my second lesson on Friday. And so far, both are pretty interesting, so I guess it's a good bid heh. Tutorial balloting starts today, but I haven't done anything about it. Yet. haha....

So first choice for today: What tutorial slots shall I go for?

After Friday's lunch, went back to SAS to help out the BB recruitment drive with SC. Set up the Flying Fox. And heard that the whole thing was pretty good overall. Then went over to D's place for dinner cos he wanted to have friends and stuff... Then today, met DT and he gave me and SC this challenge: are you seeing BB as long term?

Choice number two: Will I see BB long term?

Then there's the over-riding choice of all: Should I major in English language, or History?


But God has really been good to me. I'm not zapped into a cinder. I've made sone new friends. And during the PRC stuff, I actually managed to make myself understood, and I could understand the PRC scholars. How cool is that? Only God could have done that. Then there's my modules, as mentioned earlier. And my JMT fits neatly after the end of my exams. So the opportunity to go is open again. And I can feel He's with me. Cos I've got my problems, but lately, I can feel He's been helping me to shoulder them. He's not taken it away, that's for sure. But just that He's helping me. And strangely enough, I've actually been blessed by two "non-religious" things: Narnia, and a book by Stephen Lawhead called Byzantium. The book itself is a little far-fetched, but there's one part, near the end, spoken by this Viking convert called Gunnar:

"Well, I was thinking....... I am going to die (in relation to a near-death experience) today, but Jesus also died, so He knows how it is with me. And I was thinking, would He know me when I come to Him? Yes! ......He will wade into the sea and pull my boat onto the sand and welcome me as His wayfaring brother. Why will He do this? Because He has suffered, and He knows..."

Ah... God is good.