Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I received a letter a few days ago, sent by my dad, from someone who had given me some stuff, but chose to remain anonymous.

So to anonymous-person-who-gave-me-some-stuff, I'm not sure if you know I have a blog, or even if you'll be able to see this, but thank you.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I feel...

... a sudden urge to pray for Haiti, because they've just been hammered by another quake.

Even though it's 1.15 in the morning.

And I have to wake up early tomorrow.

I want to send money, but I don't have a lot, and even if I did send, would that really help?

I want to go over and help, but I can't, and even if I did, I think I might get in the way more than anything.

So since I am powerless to help the people of Haiti, I pray.

Won't you pray with me?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


...or what you can learn from Genesis 20 in the Tokorozawa HC.

The HC was meeting up just like always, at 1030 on a Sunday morning. And as mentioned, the passage for the day was Genesis 20, which was being led by Steve, though considering the way the HC works, he was more a facilitator than a preacher.

So now we can point out some lessons we saw through our discussions.
  1. Abraham's name in Japanese (アブラハム) can also be taken to mean oily ham (油[あぶら]ハム).
  2. Sarah must have been a really good-looking lady, if Abimelech wanted to make her his wife (she was at least 90 by then).
  3. God and Abraham were really close friends, so much so that when Abimelech took Sarah, God took issue with him instead of with Abraham for lying. (Whether Abraham got punished later or not, no one knows).
However, I guess the biggest thing we did learn though, was about God's goodness and mercy, since although he threatened Abimelech with the extinction of his line, God did not allow him to end up an innocent victim of his circumstances.

So after church, Shion, who had dropped by that day, invited Taira and me to go watch his colleague perform as part of the Tokyo Luft Ensemble. And while I'm not too sure about it, I think the orchestra is composed of people with an interest in music who play their instruments only part-time. It still was really good though. Here's one of the pieces they played that day:

(Just imagine it in a more brightly lit concert hall, with Japanese musicians, and no conductor)

So that's about it.

Oh and if you're really into lego, you may like this site: