Monday, January 31, 2005


It's been a while since I last wrote in. Due partially to a rather packed schedule, and also, to a certain extent, my own laziness and procrastination...

Well, the past week's been rather hectic, and slightly draining. Was on duty last Sunday, so I missed out on going CG outing to Grace's place. So Monday was normal. Usually, when I do duty, I like to take the next day off, cos when I do duty, I always prefer to sleep next to the phone, which for me, means on the desk, as it means i'm only half asleep, so if the phone rings, I will wake up and answer. Of course, that also means that I don't get a good night's rest. I bet the duty clerks like it if they get a duty officer like me...

So anyway, Monday had an in-processing, which is why I didn't take the day off. So in-pro mainly lah. Nothing much else. Oh ya, got a new guy in, 2LT Gerald. Unfortunately, he's not here to replace me. He's actually my superior, but he just came out from OCS, part of the 54/03 batch, I think.

Yep. Tuesday, my specs just fell apart. I mean like, I was on the train to camp, then I felt my specs was giving me kinda distorted vision. So I took it off, and then when I pulled the arms of the thing, it made a sort of noise, so I pulled again, and it broke...

New specs came in on Wednesday night, just before Kairos. Thursday had Japanese class in church, I think I'm gonna die in that one. Friday, similar to Monday, had exercise at night. Saturday, noon left home liao, going to worship prac. At night got youth band prac, then LCM. So reach home like at 2230 hrs. So half dead. Sunday go church early again.

Yep. But this week, once again, my temper got the better of me again. Probably due to hectic schedule, coupled with stocktaking coming up, and IAD breathing down our necks, and a not-so-good walk with Christ this week, so I was in a rather bad mood on Saturday. So blew some stuff out of proportion. Like, Aggie and me agreed that I would prepare the SHAPE assesment for CG this week, then all through the week, I no time. (Don't say SHAPE, even the worship stuff I wasn't prepared.) So I asked her if she could also help go through, so can back up in case. The her reply was like "Tonight I got something on. Now then you tell me." Which I took as her saying, "So you never prepared lah. Your fault." Which was not exactly true, but SMS don't convey emotions very well, do they?

So anyway, I replied back in a rather nasty manner, which I guess surprised her, cos I don't think she was meaning to be inflammatory in her SMS, and which certainly did not warrant a retort like the one I gave her. So I would like to say I'm sorry for being so mean to you.

Yep, so to those out there, please try to keep your emotions in check when talking, cos you may make a mountain out of a molehill. Or in army terms, to stir shit.


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