Sunday, February 27, 2005


Let's see, where should I start?

Had a couple or things that happened during the week...

1) First off, we must understand that God works in mysterious ways, to use a cliche-ed term... For those who were at Kairos on Wednesday at Emily's place (it was the 23rd of February I believe), you;ll remember how I said I would like to spend more time wih God? Yeah well, guess what, the next morning, one of the senior members in my camp screwed me over the phone for something that I did that was somewhat wrong... It wasn't totally my fault, you have to understand... Some of it was my fault, some of it was his side's fault, and some was just plain miscommunication.

At any rate, you have to understand too, that in the army, you can't just argue back if you feel you had been wronged. So all I could do was to sit there, in front of my computer, and get one of the harshest verbal lashings I had ever received.

Needless to say, I immediately became depressed. Nothing screws your day up more than to have your superior come and give you a scolding early in the morning. I moped around for a bit, then I heard the voice, and I started to pray. I mean, you feel so depressed so early in the morning, the only thing I thought may help was to pray. To pray for strength to carry on, and to pray that I would not lose my temper, which I almost did... Heh... check one for spending more time with God.

Friday, I heard he slammed me again when I was not around, however, by that time, I was kinda impervious to the depression, so I just ignored it.

Now, on Saturday, I had to see the guy face to face. There was a meeting I had to attend, and well, it was inevitable. However, when he spoke to me, it certainly wasn't in a vindictive manner. In fact, he actually provided me with some direction to better facilitate transport issues for the in camp training. For that, I'm grateful to him for being understanding, and grateful to Him for keeping my temper in check. I mean, if I had argued back, I probably would have just made a bad relationship worse. As it is, I think it improved somewhat.

2) Now as others of you know, I also play for the worship band in church. And one of my biggest weaknesses in this area is that I start to become self-conscious when I play, instead of focusing on the One who I'm playing for. Anyway, God answered my prayer again. I had prayed that we would focus on Christ as we played; however, during the service, I fell again, and started to lose focus. Well, He managed to grab me back and focus again when I played a whole chorus for one of the songs in the wong key. So paiseh... Even as a newbie, I had never made such a mistake... I know I was blushing on stage. But then, after that, I managed to play properly, as I tried to remeber that everything is for God.

Isn't that great? God does answer prayers...


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