Monday, March 21, 2005


Was reading Habakkuk 2:1 just the other day, and it was about keeping on our watch, to see what the Lord wants us to do or say; about how we have been appointed sentinels for our all those we know. And what he says rings true with what Pastor Ivan preached today.

In order to hear what God wants us to do, we have to be spiritually sensitive to His will. I mean, if we're not, it's quite possible that we won't hear what he has to say to us. After all, this isn't exactly a world without distractions...

If we keep our watch, we can be a blessing to those around us, since God knows how we should help others. Which is an advantage. If we don't, we miss the chance to help another needy person, or lose out on God's words. Just as an example as to how bad it could be to not maintain your vigil, any Roman legionary found asleep while on guard duty was beaten to death by his section mates... Guess you know now how important maintaining your watch is, both for others, as well as for your own immunity from the stick brigade....


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