Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I still remember what I was doing one week ago. I was studying in the Central Library, prepping for my Japanese Language paper the next day. And it was one of my less hoard-ish moments, cos that afternoon, I had gone to the co-op to buy a packet of Pepperidge Farm mini chocolate chunk cookies. It was one of my less hoard-ish moments. But also due to the fact that M agreed to share the cost of the thing with me. And at around 5.30 in the evening, I received a call from MS. It went something like this, to the best of my memory:

*Phone vibrates. (Cos I'm in the library, and it's polite to keep one's phone on silent in the library)*
Me: *presses green 'call recieve' button
MS: Hi! I'm MS.
Me: ......? Hahaha... what kind of greeting is that?!
MS: *makes perplexed noise* er... nevermind. Is M coming to arts canteen for dinner?
Me: Wait ar. I check. *Turns to M, who's standing nearby, getting ready to go for dinner with J and others* Hey M! you going for dinner now?
MS: *makes gurgling noise*
M: Yeah.
Me: OK. At arts canteen right?
MS: *more gurgling noises*
M: Yeah. Who's that? MS is it?
Me: Yeah. Think she's lonely.
MS: *some more gurgling noises*
M: You coming too?
Me: Nah. Eating dinner at home lah.
M: Alright. See you then.
Me: Yep. *Talks to MS* Yeah, he's going to arts canteen for dinner.
MS: *even more gurgling noises* HOW CAN YOU SAY SO OBVIOUSLY WAN!?!?
Me: But I didn't!

Yeah, it was cos A sneakily bought him a cake, and MS was just making sure he went to the arts canteen so that their ambush wouldn't be wasted. And then later on, after JS came back from her exam, me and P went to go say hi and happy birthday to him.

Well, that was before the start of my exams, and before I came up with my favourite statement of understatement. Which would go like this:

Friend: So how was the paper?
Me: Eh? Hm... It ws ok. I think I can pass.
Friend: *urkle*

Yeah. So anyway, I cleared 4 of my 5 papers across 3 consecutive days last week. Tues, Wed and Thurs. And I also have one lonely exam on Wednesday morning. But I'm cool with that. Cos it could have been on like Wednesday evening, which could totally ruin one's day, as LKC likes to point out to me, since he ended today evening.

At any rate, this morning already got a few birthday sms-es. Then when I got to school, M also wished me happy birthday. And then C, F and Adl came along. They were so nice, woke up real early to buy me a birthday breakfast and give me a present. haha... I've really become quite a sentimental sot... D sms-ed me from Perth, in her typical D speech. Must have cost her a bomb. Then at around 11.30, MS come toodling along, really happy cos her exams are all over. And she plonks down on a seat in front of me. And this is the conversation:

MS: Hi Daniel!
Me: Hi MS!
MS: Studying hard?
Me: *nods* You finished your papers?
MS: *Beams happily* Yes! Just finished!
M: *whispers to MS*
MS: *looks aghast* OH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!
Me: Oh, erm. thanks. heh.
M: Again! How come the other CG's leader knows your members better than you?
MS: Oh. Well, I came specially to the canteen to say happy birthday to Daniel. *looks pleased with herself*
M: *rolls eyes*

Which is really funny, cos M did that to Adl a couple of weeks ago I think. Anyway, it was really fun studying this past couple of weeks with the crazy guys from VCF.

Then I headed over to church to see if there was anything to be done, since youth camp is in a week's time. And I did a few name tags, and did some other dumb things which I should not talk about.

Yeah. It was a pretty fun week. Time to get back to mugging.... mug mug mug...

And I really should be thankful to God, for seeing me through all this so far, and for keeping stress levels for me to a relatively manageable level. And for reminding me to give everything to Him. Heh



maicie said...

oh man.... i cant help laughing at the parts about me. how could you, daniel??!???!???

anyway, happy 21st birthday, dude. u missed out the part when i said i specially went to the canteen to give u a b'day greeting. =X

ArkAngel said...

OK. I edit it. Haha