Saturday, January 14, 2006


Ah... first of the new year... been awhile... haha... I've really been one heck of a lazy bum...

What have I been up to again? Erm... well, nothing much really. Prior to the new year, we went over to E's place one Saturday evening cos he had just been released from the evil clutches of SoL in Jurong Camp. So Me and A and R and J went over and ate pizza and listened to Click Five and watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

On New Year's Day, had ArkRoyal, plus our alumni over for dinner. Some gaming followed, but quite alot of them were pretty zoned out. So in the end, there was only J. And then F came over cos brother invited. And we played abit. But brother zoned out real quick, and I soon followed. According to F and J, when they asked me questions, I responded in gibberish. hahaha...

The following week, I played badminton once with C, R and E. And also floorball twice. And I got a muscle ache.

I've bidded for and gotten the modules of my choice, all thanks to God who's been exceedingly gracious to me.

I started school just last Monday. Then went to SML cafe for dinner and meets with A and PJ and Fr. Tuesday was the PRC afterglow, pretty ok, just that there was quite a bit of rain. And then I had to bring S over to SML cos she said she couldn't find it. haha. But it's cool, since she does know Fr and WX.

Wed I went to watch Narnia. With MS and Ry and E and Mt. I tell you, that is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Bleah to the critics who said it couldnt' compare with LOTR. It's different you schmucks. And it also manages to join the ranks of movies that almost made me cry, along with Bambi (when his mother was killed by the hunters lah) and the Last Samurai. I mean, when the evil creatures were mocking Aslan, he could have just like killed every one of them, but he was focused on the mission. And in case you're really one of those super dense people, here's the connection. Aslan = Christ. Like died for us. You know, John 3:16.

Thursday was VCF. Intro. There's the new Thursday cell under Ad. It's unofficial name is Kabage. Not sure if it's gonna become official. And had my second lesson on Friday. And so far, both are pretty interesting, so I guess it's a good bid heh. Tutorial balloting starts today, but I haven't done anything about it. Yet. haha....

So first choice for today: What tutorial slots shall I go for?

After Friday's lunch, went back to SAS to help out the BB recruitment drive with SC. Set up the Flying Fox. And heard that the whole thing was pretty good overall. Then went over to D's place for dinner cos he wanted to have friends and stuff... Then today, met DT and he gave me and SC this challenge: are you seeing BB as long term?

Choice number two: Will I see BB long term?

Then there's the over-riding choice of all: Should I major in English language, or History?


But God has really been good to me. I'm not zapped into a cinder. I've made sone new friends. And during the PRC stuff, I actually managed to make myself understood, and I could understand the PRC scholars. How cool is that? Only God could have done that. Then there's my modules, as mentioned earlier. And my JMT fits neatly after the end of my exams. So the opportunity to go is open again. And I can feel He's with me. Cos I've got my problems, but lately, I can feel He's been helping me to shoulder them. He's not taken it away, that's for sure. But just that He's helping me. And strangely enough, I've actually been blessed by two "non-religious" things: Narnia, and a book by Stephen Lawhead called Byzantium. The book itself is a little far-fetched, but there's one part, near the end, spoken by this Viking convert called Gunnar:

"Well, I was thinking....... I am going to die (in relation to a near-death experience) today, but Jesus also died, so He knows how it is with me. And I was thinking, would He know me when I come to Him? Yes! ......He will wade into the sea and pull my boat onto the sand and welcome me as His wayfaring brother. Why will He do this? Because He has suffered, and He knows..."

Ah... God is good.


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