Thursday, February 09, 2006


Amber diffuses,
Slanted rays, casts fields of grey;
Evening beckons.

How's that? I must admit that in my Lit course in school, I find Haiku the most fascinating and appealing of poetic forms so far. Well, apart from Limericks, that is. The interesting thing is, both forms are considered 'low' or 'commoner' type of poems. Wonder what that means...

Chaos is my name.
Disorder within order,
Universal rules.

A real pity we don't get to do Limericks. They're generally funny ones. Though I have also heard that they are also usually vulgar. Maybe that's why we aren't doing them. Haha.. I have tried coming up with some, but right now, I think only E and M have been the subjects of that. And the band has probably seen the one on M.

Bright Son of Heaven
Struck down, they lifted You high,
Salvation is here.


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