Thursday, April 27, 2006


Exams ended for me today at 3. It was really fast.

It was great studying with the rest of the people in school, like last time. Really made studying kinda fun.

Now prepping to head off to Japan. And I'm not packed too.

So long.

Free. That's me.



[wins]* said...

daniel!!!! i so cant believe u're free. urgh. but anw, have a gd trip to japan yeah! go be light and salty (did i get it right? haha)

chilipino said...

byebye =)

creature comfort said...

bro! so fast over for ya! when will u get back? by now u shd b in the land of the rising prayers go with u..may God's peace n goodness b with u also..hmmm, 5 weeks for mi..cheers n God bless!