Saturday, May 27, 2006


I find something most peculiar.

When the Philippines MEET team left, it was like, "OK. They've left.", even though both A and Al are in the team, and I know them reasonably well.

But when the Thailand MEET team left, it was like something went missing, which is rather curious, considering that it is now school holidays (means I don't see them on a regular basis anymore), and of the four of them, M doesn't have MSN, I usually don't talk with H, P is usually offline, and in the end, D is usually the only one I talk to. But it's like something's gone.


I can't imagine what's going to happen during church retreat when half of my friends go to Batam. But then again, that's just for 4 days, not 4 weeks.


In other news, I have received information from a highly reliable source that I helped MS avert a Suaku Situation. Haha... But she said it's because she spent her time on better things. Well, that's gratitude for you. hahaha...



maicie said...

cant u talk less?

haha, yah, it feels as though something is missing too. but it's okie, 21st june is coming!!

purplecross said...

hmmmz. i'm going to be missing tooo. heh. wonder if you were missed daniel??