Thursday, September 21, 2006


Had a slightly longer day last night, thanks to the readings I was trying to finish reading for the tutorials this morning. In fact, I stayed back later than normal, and only left when J ran into me in the SMC and sort of persuaded me to leave with her. Yeah, I even had to skip the first Kairos Course class to try and finish off all my readings and even then I didn't.

Regardless, the week has been pretty ok, despite the double mid-term test I had at the beginning. I know God was with me for the tests, cos in the language one, I did manage to get most of the stuff, think I can pass that one. And even for the US history one, I believe God granted me the peace of mind, so that I wasn't quite freaking out during the test.

To cap things all off, I have declared an S/U on my Physics mod, since I really don't think I can handle it anymore. Haha. Thought my JC level physics was enough... I was so wrong. Anyway, at about 12 noon yesterday, I declared the S/U while in Science. And, I found something interesting.

Take a look at this. This is the screen after I had just clicked the "confirm" button.

Oh. You don't see what I'm trying to drive at? That little phrase above the "Back to Login" button? OK. Let me enlarge it a little bit more for you.

"You has already logged out the system"!!

Wow! Please remember, that this is coming from one of the world's top 18 universities. And it is English based, so although we aren't exactly a English-for-mother-tongue country, I think is not quite inexcusable... In fact, it reminds me a little of another rather famous quote, or at least, it's a video clip...

Yeap ok. Back to work for me. Got the Film and History essay due in about 12 hrs time.



chilipino said...

Well, in the words of many an American whom i've encountered here so far:

"You're from Singapore? Wow, your English is so good!"

Maybe they was wrong after all...

Gabriel Wu said...

My guess is that the program might have been written by a prc :P

Rex said...

Hey Dan! Shian here! I found you!