Monday, November 20, 2006


Caught up with work is such an understatement. Thanks mainly to the multitude of datelines, as well as the massive amounts of readings I had to do for my history class. Basically, I was camping in the library whenever I didn't have any class. Like everyday. Even Friday, which is technically my 'free' day... Yeah right. And I've heard the library closing song almost everyday too. Bah. I've become a mugger.

On a good note, for M and D who are overseas, the library plays a different tune every night now. And recently, they're into John Williams. Like the classical guitarist chap. On a bad note, Arts canteen is closed for renovation. So yeah. No more green tables.

So now, in between the essay rush period and the exam period is a short time where I can actually relax a little, since I don't have anything to hand in tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after the day after. Or the day... ok ok. You get the picture already.

So anyway, some highlights from the past few weeks included:

Having a long Skype conversation with M while a whole bunch of us were squeezed into a little 3"by 6" cubicle on the 5th floor of the Central Library. There was me, along with P, A, E, S, SC, er not too sure who else. But well. Poor MS had lessons, and couldn't join in the fun. Also HS, and F, and not sure who else, but well.

Almost getting ejected from Singapore. Since my application for a student pass was rejected by ICA. But God provided for me, mainly in the form of this official there called Koh, who was really understanding, and helped move things around, so that my re-application was successful. And also for other people who encouraged me, like C, who showed quite a bit of concern, and D, who helped me rant against policy from Aussieland. Yeah well. I didn't really feel terribly fearful, but well.

Realizing that J is trying to kill me by making me try to play the bass line from the Hillsong's funky Joy to the World.

Going to Vivo city for an exploratory walk. Went down a few Mondays ago with Jo to take a looksee, and to check out whether it was feasible for Thursday CG to have an outing there. The place is really huge. Like really huge. Compared to Suntec, I'm not too sure which one is bigger, but in Suntec, the shops are arranged in a sort of circle around the fountain in the middle (which people think rubbing will give them luck... I mean come on, that thing was like built when Suntec went up... like... ok ok..) while Vivo is sort of like a 3-sided 3-pronged shape thingy, with an outer and an inner pathway, so it can be easy to get lost. I almost got lost, but what with my natural skill at directions and supreme self-confidence, we never got lost.

Having 2 CG outings there. The first one was just our CG, the second one wasn't quite what was expected. But both times it was pretty fun. Well, sort of fun. The first one we watched the Black Dahlia, which was one of the worst choices we could have made. I mean, like really bad. Like Event Horizon sort of bad. Like Warriors of Heaven and Earth sort of bad. It was one heck of a freaky movie. And I didn't even know the stupid show was M18 or R21 or whatever. Bah.

Oh well. There were really a lot of things that went on, but I think I shall just end off here, with two other things.

First was my Japanese Oral test just last Wednesday. I'm always freaked out by oral, since I actually have to think very fast, and catch what Nagami-sensei was trying to say and stuff, but it was surprisingly ok. As in, I could really kinda understand most of the stuff, and could answer properly too. Haha. God gave me the gift of tongues and interpretation there for a while.

And secondly, is Psalm 107. I found it really helpful and applicable. It is one of the few times the Bible actually 'spoke' to me in a way that I felt it was speaking to me. Heh. And I really like the Psalm. Think it's pretty good.

Well, that's about it. Apart from the usual problems like running out of cash and freaking out over exams and stuff.

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

i've made it my personal goal in life to never hear the library music. i figured, if i started with small personal goals, i could possibly move on to slightly bigger ones. like, flying or something, then i wouldn't need to be bothered with the transport fee hike. and then move on to even bigger goals like subsisting on air, so that the consumption hike would not affect me. dang, i'm good.

Anonymous said...

hey! are we still gonna have the baking session in dec?