Sunday, February 04, 2007


2 interesting things that happened on Friday that I forgot to write about, and both happened on the bus to school:

1) In the mornings, I usually take the NEL to Harborfront station, then take 10 to Kent Ridge terminal. At any rate, on Friday morning, when I went up to the upper deck, I noticed it was particularly cold. This was the 2nd time I had to put on my jacket in the bus. But I never realized just how cold it was until I took a deep breath, and spotted some movement in front of my mouth. I was somewhat incredulous, but when I tried again, it was there again. It was so cold that my breath was frosting! Albeit not as much as when we were in Japan on that rainy day we went to Urawa, but hey! I saw my breath frosting in Singapore! That was something!

2) The cold air led to my 2nd point of interest. Since the air was so cold, I initially could not sleep. So I tried extra hard. Eventually, I did manage to fall asleep by slouching down in my chair and leaning against the glass and the back of the chair. Then the cold took hold again and I sort of went into hibernation of something, cos usually I wake up when the bus hits the first bump when it turns into the terminal, but this time, I only woke up after the bus hit the 2nd bump, which was when the uncle dude was going to park the bus. So I quickly had to scramble out and ran across the parking lot. ha. What fun.

Other fun things were like getting to speak to P after a long while, and the first cluster gathering on Wed which was both fun and exciting. Ha.



Anonymous said...

hey Equipment man.

My reaction to your above post is - "Wat the!". You slept all the way till the bus was going to park. Fancy if you had slept thru and the Uncle just lock up.. would you not be banging on the door asking to get out?

Anyway have a great week.

patched-up said...

HEY YOU!!! how's it going man? nice to drop by..

will add ur link to my site. =)

catcha someday man! drag smurf too..