Friday, March 30, 2007


So once again, it takes me a long time to post a new post. As per the title, such a lack of input means that I've been busy.

Or that I've been lazy.

Or both.

Essentially, that means that my lack of entries could mean anything... which makes this whole post up to here rather moot. Oh well.

But I was really busy. As in, I was never like swamped with work or anything, but there were just assignments that kept on coming, so there was no real stopping time. (OK, I confess I made my own relax time, and then ended up having to rush my essays.) Anyway, the last of my essays has just been submitted, so I actually have a short lax period now. Until the realization that I've got one more Japanese review, and Japanese homework, and an upcoming History test, and another History tutorial, and a Japanese oral test a couple of weeks from now.

Wait a minute... That means I don't really have a lax time, which makes the post up to here moot as well. Bummer.

Anyway, talking of Japanese, a sure sign that I've spent too much time doing Japanese is when I'm reading my Chinese manga, and I try to convert the people's names back into the Japanese pronunciation. Naturally, a further sign is when I can actually get the Hiragana correct. Haha.

Just to sidetrack a bit, I wish to thank God for sustaining me through the essays, and for helping me keep awake, my mind relatively conscious, last night while I was trying to finish off my final essay. I had had a mental block in the afternoon, but at night, I believe God helped me make things clearer. And also to mum for helping me make some powerful coffee. And also thanks to D and JS who sms-ed me at like 12 and 2 respectively. It helped. Heh.

On to more frivolous stuff! I must show a couple of pictures I took:

Haha... This bridge must be really old to have to mention things like cattle and horses... welcome to Singapore's colonial past!

I don't know about you, but I find this sign really hilarious. I mean, it looks almost comical. It's hard to imagine that this is to warn NUS students to not walk under the gantry when the gantry's up...cos we NUS students study so hard sometimes we don't know where we are going, then walk under carpark gantries. haha.

Finally, a new riddle from good friend G.
Q: When the red ship and the brown ship crashed, what happened to the survivors?
A: They got marooned.

Hahaha... Marooned, get it? Like maroon... ok nevermind.



maicie said...

u changed the blue ship to brown ship!

ArkAngel said...

saves me the trouble of having to explain why the survivors weren't purpled, or have to talk about how you don't agree that blues and red makes maroon and yadda yadda yadda.

SheEp said...

DANIEL!!! *Burr, cold...* =P