Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today was the culmination of almost two years of learning at the driving center. Well, ok, not exactly two years. More like two months with 1 year 10 in between.

See I wanted to get my driver's license in 2005 before I went to uni, since I had a bit of free time. But driving everyday for two weeks makes driving lessons incredibly boring, and I was rather upset when I realized that to take the advanced theory test, I had to go for lessons and take a mock test before I was allowed to sit for the test.

So I just stopped taking 'em, and procrastinated until recently, when I cleared my advanced theory in June or July this year.

Went for lessons yesterday, and stalled twice. Nothing much to worry about.

And today was the test.

Blue sky overhead
Seeing the roads of my joy
Complements the breeze

D, 'tis a reference



Anonymous said...

No Grand Theft Auto Heists
Safe Streets, Singapore :)

Anonymous said...

ack, one syllable short. pout.