Sunday, November 04, 2007


Now near the end of Year 3 Semester 1 in NUS. Quite possibly the last of my semester 1s here, though I would like to go for honors, then this will (duh!) be the 2nd last of my semester 1s.

Thankfully, I have gotten one of my major essays out of the way since Prof T always like gives us a choice of topics, and if you take the earliest one, you finish it midway through the sem. Can't say I'm proud of my result for that, but it could've been a whole lot worse.

The bigger problem now, is having to sit and think up Prof D's think-piece, which is something like an essay you write that talks about an essay you won't be writing. Quite naturally, this can be exceedingly distressing for me, since I find it hard enough trying to do a normal essay with normal questions, much less one that requires me to think of something to write about something that I'm thinking of writing. So I have gotten myself distracted while listening to Carl Orjje play the works of Miyazaki Hayao, and trying to remember that apart from this think-piece, I also have a Physics test on Tuesday, and must answer Prof T's tutorial by then as well. Haiz.

In other news, however, the Bucks have finally won their first basketball game of the season, at the Bradley Center, with Michael Redd scoring a game-high, and more importantly, with Yi Jianlian playing the way all Bucks fans are hoping he would play when he was drafted in August. Oh and the Packers are still 6-1. I mean like how cool is that?

Ok back to work now.



creature comfort said...

just tot i'd drop by..Cheerios

patched-up said...

hey bro.. Happy blessed birthday. And congrats on the license man.. now your turn to drive me for prata. =P