Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going north

I had intended to blog on Friday (as a few of you know) about the moving experience. No, it wasn't emotionally powerful, just physically draining.

Essentially, what happened on Friday was that Louis, Jeremy and I, along with the guy from the transport company, moved Louis' stuff out of his apartment in the morning. Auntie Chris and her mum had already done all the packing stuff, so they didn't have to do any work then.

So after shifting most of Louis' stuff down to load up to the truck, we were pretty bushed. And that's when Steve's stuff came. So we (along with Steve, Kathi and the Fresno team) brought his stuff up. After that, we were really quite tired.

Unfortunately for us, that was not all that Steve had to bring over. So some of us went back to his place, packed up what he had left, and brought it over again. Naturally, by the end of the day, we were somewhat exhausted, to put it mildly.

And yes, I know that I'm supposed to talk about some of the other things that have happened (a lot has!), but well, I'm supposed to be heading north to Sendai for the OMF conf (as a childcare helper!), and I'm not packed yet.

So, if the place in Sendai does have free internet, then I'll try to write more. If not, I'll probably do it when I get back.

Oh, and I also met the GCube team (Phoebe, Isaac, Yijun and Hulin) from VCF. Nice people, they've been here for two weeks already, and they'll be leaving on Friday. Please keep them in prayer too!


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