Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A while back, I dreamt I had returned to Singapore. Unfortunately, in that dream, after having returned to Singapore, I realized I hadn't gotten my re-entry pass to get back into Japan.

Now, some background. I'm in Japan on a religious work visa. And I can get into the country, which I did in May. But if I want to leave and come back, I have to go to the Immigrations Center and apply for a re-entry pass. If not, when I leave, my visa will expire.

So anyway, in my dream, I had forgotten to do that. And when Pastor Ivan asked me if I had remembered to do that (in my dream), I had the "oh crap I forgot" feeling. Thankfully, I woke up before I peed in my pants or whatnot.

And then just last week, I dreamt that once again, I was back in Singapore. And I was happily doing stuff in Singapore, when I realized that I hadn't done my re-entry pass before leaving Japan.

Funny thing is, in my dream, I could remember that I had dreamt about forgetting to do my re-entry pass in my previous dream, and that I was so stupid to have forgotten (again?), and once again, I had that "oh crap I forgot" feeling, though this time, it was my dad questioning me instead of Pastor Ivan.

I hope this is not a sign that I will forget to do my re-entry pass when I do decide to go back for holiday.

And speaking of dreams, here's a video of a song about dreams:

Reminds me of childhood again. This, along with American Tail, the Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. Plus the teenage mutant ninja turtle emoticon. haha.


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patched-up said...

hah. cartoons! and pls dude.. PLEASE REMEMBER TO APPLY FOR THE VISA. i'd personally smack u if u didn't, now that i'm reminding u.. =P