Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayer Stuff #4

Whoops ok sorry was a bit late this round.

Prayer Stuff!
  1. Urawa group is back up to the usual 5 members (Michiko, Fuyumi, Kimiko, Izumi, Miki) and maybe one guy who turned up before may be coming back (Yuzo). Some of the members though, are attached to the group because they want to meet Steve, not because of the Bible study. Pray this will change from former to latter (esp since Steve is leaving for home assignment next summer)
  2. E-moms this morning was ok, despite rain, 3 mothers came for the meeting.
  3. Kids' club tmr!
  4. Temperature's going down, probably the start of autumn. Karen (Shinjuku HC) especially, is one of those who are sensitive to the cold, so pray for health for all of us.
  5. Simon (Shinagawa Kai) has been informed that his teaching contract will not be renewed at the high school he currently teaches at. He really is quite keen on being a teacher, and this is a slight setback for him, though he is not too devastated since he knows God will take care of the details. His current teaching contract ends in March.
  6. Jiehuai and Jules stopped by one their trip around Japan, was great fun having them in and showing them around.
Till next time!

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