Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayer Stuff #7 (UPDATE)

Ok, I think I shall make a slight modification to this 'weekly' update. In order to be more relevant to MW publications, I shall put up things for the following week. But since we have to backtrack a bit now, we shall do two weeks for this round!

  1. Thanksgiving for a fairly decent first Alpha session. Hopefully the series will help people be willing to ask more questions, and that the Holy Spirit will give understanding to those who come (including us Christians)
  2. Taira-san (Tokorozawa HC) has gotten a month of no-pay leave, which he is quite happy about. He's been working very hard and felt like he could not take the pressure any more, so he went to speak to his section head, and they gave him a month.
  3. The 5-year-old English class was kinda ok, but it really is hard to maintain their attention. And my trump card failed, because one of the kids is not that fond of candy.
  4. Kids' club this Friday.
  5. Alpha session 2 on Saturday, and sounds like a couple more people will be coming, though leader Karen is unable to make it, as she has to give a presentation in school... which means I will have to do the English section while Sylvia (other leader) will do the Japanese section.
  6. Just received news from Liu Wen (formerly of Shinjuku HC) that his father, who was battling advanced cancer, has passed away. Pray that his family and relatives will be able to receive comfort from God as they deal with this loss, and that Liu Wen will continue to be the channel of that peace.
And for the following week:
  1. Eh... actually seems like not a lot of stuff going on the following week, but there is an outing planned for the naginata class I attend on Saturday, so well let's hope for more good relationships to be formed. Will update later if I know more stuff.
Ok so that's about it.


Teck Tee said...

Noted your prayer points! Will be praying for you bro :) Have been checking and reading here each week, and it's been real encouraging :) Could I ask for prayer too? Have got to befriend 2 japanese exchange students from IFG, and so far we've hit it off pretty well... Praying that God will guide our conversations and interactions and bring them to a closer knowledge of Him :) Domo arigatou!

What's a naginata by the way? Some weapon? (pardon my ignorance :P)

ArkAngel said...

Hey Teck Tee,

Thanks for reading! It's only been prayer pointers for the past month of so, I really should get down to posting something else to break the monotony.

Sure will pray for you. If you need any language help (haha) please tell me I'll be glad to share my limited Japanese with you.

Eh.. a naginata kinda looks like a sword stuck on the end of a pole. Think a Guandao, but with a katana blade instead of the huge one that's there.