Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prayer Stuff #14

Yikes I've really missed quite a few weeks of late.

Prayer stuff!:
  1. Thanksgiving that Yixin (Shinjuku HC) has accepted Christ.
  2. Urawa English group will be starting up again on Monday, followed by Coco's English corner on Tuesday morning. The Coco's group actually already met once on the 4th, but we had to take a hiatus again cos Steve was busy.
  3. E-moms on Thursday, followed by Kids' Club on Friday and the E-moms/Kids' Club people's New Year's Party. Kinda late, that, but well, hope everything goes ok.
  4. Shinjuku HC looks like it may be losing it's core members in a hurry by March, so pray for guidance as to what we should do, whether it would be better to continue to try to hold it together, or to find other places for the other members after March.
Ok, that's about it!

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