Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What the...?!

Yeah, honestly, I don't know why I'm starting one of these. I mean, I'm not exactly the kind of person who goes around telling every other person how I feel. And I don't even keep a normal manual diary. (OCS tried to change that, but the discipline died out somewhere around September '03) Maybe it was the peer pressure. Maybe I finally decided to start keeping a sort of thingy like this.

Anyway, point to note is this. Always do your warm-up and cool down. CAUSE NOW I'VE GOT MUSCLE ACHES FROM THE RUN FOR FUND!!! It's not that bad really, what with my finely tuned muscles and excellent physical prowess... (Yeah I know. Gimme a break. This is my online thingy, I get entitled to my own delusions, don't I?)

Anyway, the run for fund was kinda fun. Pacing Jessica (She makes me sound so noble, when actually is also cos I'm bad at running...) was fun. Get to talk to her. long time haven't had to oppurtunity to talk to old friends. And on the way back also got the company of my shortcake... haha... she had a good time lor... never run, but eat alot while we all are running...

That's about all i'm gonna say. No, i'm not going to start wrinting about my personal fears and my love life on this thing. I have an image to uphold. So go bother someone else, someone less conservative or something.