Monday, September 10, 2007


Just as a short side note, before I forget, my dad was at Covenant having some conference over the past weekend or so, and he heard this joke from one of the speakers there:

There was a guy, who had a really nice dog, called Maze. The dog was obedient and loyal, but had one major failing: it liked to eat the grass on his front lawn, leaving large, unsightly bare patches all over the yard. To protect his lawn, he usually kept the dog in the house or in the shed when he wasn't around to ensure that his lawn remained beautiful.

Then, he went on a long holiday. When he got back, the grass was overgrown, and the roof was leaking. So he grabbed his tool bag and clambered on to the roof to go and fix the hole. After he had patched up the hole, he was starting to climb down when he lost his balance and slipped. He managed to grab onto the roof before he fell off, but in the process, dropped his wrench into the long grass beneath him.

Cursing his own clumsiness, he lowered himself to the ground, and started searching for his missing tool. But try as he might, he just couldn't find the wrench. So he miserably went back into the house.

The next morning, he woke up, and when he went out onto the patio, he realized that his dog Maze had managed to get out of the house in the middle of the night, and had left large bare patches all over the field again. He was about to go and scold his wayward dog again, when he noticed a silvery glint in one of the patches. He ran over, and picked up the wrench he had lost the day before.

Then he said,

"A grazing Maze
How sweet a hound,
That saved a wrench for me."



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