Saturday, September 01, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, I've discovered that I really like many of the Studio Ghibli shows. Strangely enough, however, I have also found that I rather like some of those that are shoujo. I mean like Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky are really good, but I also enjoyed watching like Ocean Waves and Whisper of the Heart.

So anyway, I got a little obsessed with getting music from those movies, so I toddled off to HMV like last Wednesday to go and browse about. By the way, they have some sort of sale, and many of the anime feature film DVDs are going at around SGD20. But anyway. As expected, most of the OSTs were like SGD60 apiece, since they were Japanese imports. But then I spotted what appeared to be a collection of Studio Ghibli music. And it was priced at SGD20! So I happily bought it before going back to listen to E's talk on terrorism.

When I went home however, I discovered that I was too impetuous. This was when I wanted to load the tracks into Starlight Express II that I realized the artiste was the Carl Orjje Piano Ensemble. Which meant it was all instrumental, while I had been hoping for the actual music from the shows. That put a bit of a dent into my joyous mood, until I started listening, cos the music is really nice. And I'm like almost addicted to it now. Haha.

Ok, and I have a marvelous quote from my friend Z during CG last week. She was talking about her lecture mate (or lecturer? Not too sure) in a Mathematics class.

"He's like so clever can? He can calculate pi. I can only eat pie!"

It totally cracked the lot of us up.


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