Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Really nice show, very touching, and with an ambiguous conclusion that allows you to have your own ending if you want.

So anyway, in one of the scenes, in a restaurant, Joel realizes he does not find his relationship with Clementine as fun or as exciting as he once had. And as he looks around the restaurant, at the other diners who also appear to have lost the spark in their relationships, he starts to see himself as part of a group he has a certain disdain for.
"Are we like couples you see in the restaurants? Are we the dining dead?"
So today I met PI, and we had a decent talk over breakfast. Some of it was really interesting, and some of it was a little bit painful. And through it, I suddenly started to realize that I was becoming something that I did not hold in very high regard, and that I really did not want to become.
"Am I like those people who have lost their fire? Am I a lukewarm Christian?"
And just after I was taught a major lesson in Christianity by my grandfather, even though he's one of the newest Christians in the family, and he isn't even exactly sentient right now.

Must. Get. Back.

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