Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Having grown up in a church, and having done most of my education either in a missions school (secondary and JC) or in the company of a very Christian crowd (NUS), most of my friends are Christian.

And as the days towards my leaving for Japan grow closer, I usually meet one or another of my Christian friends for meals, since I only have limited numbers of meals left to meet people.

And while most of the meal-meetings are kinda planned already, today's lunch was left blank because I just couldn't think of who I wanted to meet for lunch. Yesterday's was blank too, but I decided to eat at home with my grandmother. (Also cos it's a free meal for me). But yes, today I just couldn't think of who I wanted to call out to eat. I mean, usually, there's someone that I sort of know I want to share a meal with, and so I'll call him/her, or drop a message or something.

So at 10 am this morning, I was stuck, wondering what to do. I guessed if I asked S or chose to eat with friends from SPH (which was where I went after lunch), I would have found lunch friends, but it didn't feel quite 'right', if you understand what I'm trying to say.

Then just before I started doing QT, I suddenly thought of asking L if he wanted to eat lunch. L is one of my army friends, and he is not part of my circle of Christian friends (since he's not Christian), though he does know some of them from basketball. So I sent him a message and he said he could. So I met him and he we ate at this place which is like a hawker-center, Chinese version of The Soup Spoon.

And I don't know why, but I felt like I found the right lunch-friend in L. And it was great being able to catch up with him, since chances like that (compared to others) are few and far between. I'm glad we were able to just meet and catch up on stuff. And of course I do hope that one day he might get to know more about Jesus.

But regardless, I'm glad to have met him as a friend.


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