Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday, at Shinjuku HC, I was blessed to witness a conversion. Nothing major happened, just that she said she prayed the prayer at the end of one of the Alpha Course sessions. In fact, she said it so matter-of-factly that the rest of us weren't quite sure whether she understood what she just said. So Karen asked again to clarify. And she replied in the affirmative.

I guess she thought it was more elaborate than that, because we as we all sat and were thinking 'is this for real?', she asked, 'How do I become Christian?' We all laughed at that and said, 'Well, that was it. There's nothing you have to do, no ceremony you have to perform, no magical manifestations, and you probably won't feel any different.' To which she replied, 'Oh.'

It seems all the more improbable, since most of us only got to really know her recently. She started coming after Sylvia invited her to join us on the Alpha Retreat in the middle of December, and although we watched the Alpha videos together, we didn't do very much 'evangelizing'. At least, I didn't. But God was at work, in ways I could not see. He used the videos, and I think, also the friendships that she had with the rest of the HC members.

And so we welcome Yixin to our family of Christ. And though nothing major might have happened in the world as we see it, we can know that the angels in heaven were rejoicing that a soul was saved (which made her feel a lot happier that there was so much celebration for her).


Teck Tee said...

This reminds me of my GCube trip to Mongolia! I remember being quite underwhelmed when only about 9 mongolian students turned up for the summer camp, but God gently reminded me that for each one who turns to Jesus, the angels in heaven rejoice and so should we! Praise the Lord for a new sister in Christ :)

Anonymous said...

PTL :) :) :)