Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well, after another really long break, I've finally decided to come back. Especially since I've now got something to post about.

First, in relation to the title, is that I have found the lyrics to one of my all time favourite songs. It's in Latin, and it's actually used more by the RC church, but even though I'm Protestant, I must admit some of those Latin RC songs are really powerful, which is not terribly surprising, since we both worship the same God. It is called the Sanctus, by the way, but the song of the same name I listen to is by Eden's Bridge, a Celtic worship band:

Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus
Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus
Dominus dominus Deus Sabaoth
Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua

Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna
Hosanna Hosanna in excelsis.

Ok, so when you read it, it doesn't sound as powerful as the music. But trust me, if you have the chance to listen to it, it really is a moving piece.

Q: Do you think this picture was taken before the students came in the morning, or after they've left in the evening? (Don't think about the angle of the sunlight. NUS students have an unfair advantage when it comes to that)

A: It's actually in the morning. Thought it looked like the calm before the (exam) storm. Then again, it could also be the quietness after everyone's left. Oh well.

I like this picture. I took it in the morning in the SMC when I was there early in the morning. I'm supposed to be there for QT, but only recently did it pick up again. I neglected that bit of my life a bit too much. Thank God at least, that I've started to move back to doing it regularly.

Moving on, today, I met Smurf online. His nick was like [SheEp] - Clouds are breaking, heaven's come to earth... and we had a sort of conversation, and then there was this bit we talked about some poetry. (after we talked about Fuzz). Anyway, it went something like this:

Me: Hey you know, your nickname reminds me of another line somewhere.
S: Oh really? Which one?
Me: God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.
S: Oh. ok. Mine's actually a line from a song.
Me: Oh. Mine's from a poem.
S: Who's? ....yours?
Me: No. My poetry generally tends to be more crappy.

After which I provided him with an example of my literary skills, coming up with a poem in 2 minutes:

A can be rather reserved
He's been blessed by the One above
Though not really blue,
So I don't have a clue
How he got his nickname of smurf.

Following which he threatened me with death by strangulation, as is his wont.

Final point in this entry is a spot of humor, which I came across when reading the afore-mentioned Fuzz's site. Please click here. And I'm not referring to the Worms half of the article.

Yeah well, that's about it. I think I was supposed to write about some more stuff, but it's kinda late, and I kinda lost track of what it was I wanted to write.

God Bless, all



patched-up said...
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patched-up said...

hey bro! haha.. thanks for the link, haha.. stupid millionaire. eh. you got an msn or an email sorta thing? i don't think i have a way to contact you.. oh and i just got the MGRs for the checkpoints! haha.. woohoo! now i can't wait. oh and great picture, i thot you really managed to capture the serenity.. sweet.

Anonymous said...

methinks the picture is cool cuz seemingly banal landscapes of miserable mugging can have their pretty sides too!

creature comfort said...

well, Jesus did say, "the kingdom of God is in ur heart"....heaven is a place on Earth even as Christians trust in Him n His return..but onli because God came to dis hell hole for us...n dats wat it is without the Saviour...a hell-hole where everyone's gonna burn for hopeless eternity..cheers man

patched-up said...

hello? updates?