Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dreams II

A while back, sometime in the middle of last year, I mentioned that I had some dreams about forgetting to do my re-entry pass. Quick recap in points:
  1. I am in Japan on a religious work visa.
  2. I can easily leave, but to get back in on that same visa, I must also have a re-entry stamp.
  3. I dreamt (several times) that I had forgotten to do it, and ended up being questioned by someone in authority.
Thankfully, when I went back in November for an important event, I had already gotten my re-entry stamp when I went to the immigrations bureau in Kita-Yono with Steve, which saved me the trouble of explaining to said-people-in-authority, and saved Fuzzy the need to come over and smack me.

However, several weeks ago, I was sleeping at night, and then I had a dream again about forgetting to do my re-entry pass. And then last night, it happened again. Which is understandable, since although I don't really intend to return to Singapore anytime before my one year is up, I am planning on coming back again for another year... which of course would be a lot easier if I had a re-entry pass.

And so now I'm wondering if the dreams were meant more for my end-of-contract return than for my holiday return last November.

Better make a mark on my calendar to go and get my re-entry stamp done again.

The cause of my dreams. Or really, the potential lack of said item when I return to Singapore which is causing my dreams.

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D said...

I used to have recurring dreams of being stuck inside an elevator that goes through the roof of a building and all over.